Laini is a female galago that resides in the Pride Lands.

Appearance Edit

Laini is small and furry. Her main pelt color is a burnt orange with a cream underbelly which extends to her chin. She also has large cream bands on her arms and legs. Her tail is long and also has the cream band towards the end. She has off-white circles over her eyes which have a tip at the top. A rust-red circle is in the center, outlined in brown. Her eyes are pure black. She also has large pink ears, and a slightly duller pink nose and mouth. Her feet and hands are the same color.

Personality Edit

Laini is a skittish galago, who is easily spooked. She is somewhat paranoid that everything is out to get her, and will not hesitate to run whenever she is given the chance. She feels safe when around the Lion Guard and prefers not to leave their side when a crisis takes place. Laini is also not willing to share her home with anyone if she believes them to be dangerous to her, regardless of if they are or not.