Lambie is a sweet and pretty little lamb who loves ballet, she can either walk in all fours or two legs and has been friends with Doc for a long time, she gets along with some characters because she is very kind. She loves to give cuddles, especially to sad patients at the clinic. She has always dreamed of being friends with a mermaid, too and is best friends with Doc and Stuffy.


Lambie is a white plush lamb, with a pink tutu, pink hooves, a pink bow on her head, two long ears and a small skinny tail.


Lambie is as soft as the wool covering her! She is gentle and sweet, but usually not timid or shy. She gives good advice and loves ballet. She also enjoys cuddling to the extent of people who don't like cuddling finding it soppy. If she thinks someone is sad she will give them advice in song and (almost always) cuddle them so if you are not a hugger you have to let her know fast.

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