The Optimist

Libby is a first year student of Starling Academy, and the second member of the Star Darlings.


Libby's parents, Erica and Miles, have absolutely astronomical careers and tons of money. As an only child, Libby grew up never wanting for anything, and the kids in her Radiant Hills neighborhood were just as lucky. Libby thought life was that easy for everyone until a few years ago when she met a girl who'd never had her own doll. Libby gave her one, and the girl's radiant joy and gratitude ignited a spirit of giving in Libby.

Libby had started small, donating the toys she didn't play with to a children's hospital. Her parents were amused, calling her "our little philanthropist", but when Libby next gave away every other toy she owned, and then asked for donations to her favorite charity instead of gifts on her Bright Day, they began to object. Her parents were happy about their daughter's spark of generosity-until she started giving almost all her possessions away! Libby's mom and dad went supernova furious when that became a habit for her! They especially did not appreciate it when she questioned their lavish lifestyle, which they felt they deserved, as they had earned it through their hard work. Libby can be a bit impulsive and irresponsible sometimes, but her heart is in the right place.

Now that Libby is at Starling Academy, her parents have stopped giving her spending money, but that's fine with Libby. Helping others is what really strokes her glow. In fact, she stardreams about becoming the student body president so she can help everybody!

Trivia Edit

  • Libby is named after the Libra, the seventh zodiac sign.
  • Her roommate is Gemma.
  • Her hometown is Starland City.
  • Her wish is to help everyone on both Wishworld and Starland in need.
  • Her wish pendant is a star necklace.
  • She has a crush on a Starling boy named Ganymede.

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