Littlest Frozen is the 22nd episode of Season 8.

Summary Edit

Elsa and Anna are sad that they didn't spend the time together as kids because Elsa had to lock herself up just to learn to control her powers. So Kwazii cast his youth magic on them to turn them into little girls and they begin to play together again in Elsa's magic snow, but when Arendelle is in need of their queen, Kwazii must use his elder magic to make Elsa and Anna grown up again.

Plot Edit

The episode starts with Elsa looking bored and doing nothing but writing documents while Anna is laying on the couch watching the clock tick tock and making the clock's sounds which annoyed her sister.

Trivia Edit

Transcript Edit

Kwazii: Close your eyes and don't look.

Anna: (giggles with excitement) Okay.

Elsa: (rolls her eyes but smiles anyway) Alright, but be quick.

(Anna and Elsa both cover their eyes, when Kwazii sprinkles them with a magic blue dust on them. Suddenly, they both begin to shrink the size of children.)

Kwazii: (puts his paws behind his back) Okay. You two can open year' eyes now. (grins)

(Elsa and Anna both take their hands off their eyes as they saw how small they became. Then they realized that they were both turned into kids.)

Young Elsa: (overwhelmed) Wha-?!

Young Anna: (gasps) We're kids again!

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