Lucky is one of the most prominently known of the Dalmatian puppies from Disney's 1961 film 101 Dalmatians, named for the horseshoe-shaped pattern of spots on his back, and because in the original One Hundred and One Dalmatiansmovie, he supposedly didn't make it as Perdita was giving birth to the puppies, but then was revived by Roger Radcliffe, so they said he was "lucky" to make it.


Like all of the puppies he's playful and fun loving. He has a small rivalry with Patch. While both are similar in terms of personality; both are brave, smart, adventurous, bold, outspoken, curious, mischievous, ambitious, and determined. However, they do have differences. Lucky is confident and arrogant as opposed to Patch, who is insecure and humble. Lucky is apparently considered the favorite of the pups which could be part of the reason of their little rivalry.

Appearances Edit

Lucky is one of the main characters in the animated series. In contrast to his characterization in the original films, Lucky is said to be the most adventurous of the pups and is described as a canine Tom Sawyer. He does retain his love of television. He functions as the leader of a small group that includes himself, his siblings Cadpig and Rolly, and their chicken friend, Spot. He is said to be Roger's favorite puppy, a status that he covets. Also he has a crush on his sister Two-Tone, as shown in episode 2b, and had a brief relationship with another Dalmatian, Rebecca (though this was mostly due to the effects of the curse on Rebecca's village Devilville which was later broken by Spot). He is the only character in the series to be voiced by two voice actresses: Pamela Aldon (who was also the voice of Ashley Spinelli on Recess and the voice of Vidia of the Disney Fairies) for the most part, and Debi Mae West whenever Pamela Aldon was unavailable.