Lucky the Black Cat

Lucky in his black cat form

Lucky is a shape shifting black cat and Connor's adopted pet.

Appearance Edit

Lucky is a black cat with pointed ears, a long tail with a white tip, gray stripes, and blue eyes. In Lucky To Have My Wings, he temporarily has a pair of dragonfly wings.


Lucky in his Cat Boy form

In his Catboy form, he wears a pajama-like suit that is black with gray stripes and has an evil looking cat logo on his chest.

In Connor's Twin, Lucky's Connor form is similar to Connor only his hair is black, he wears a black sweater with gray stripes on the sleeves and a white shirt with a gray thunderbolt underneath, gray jeans, and white sneakers.

Personality Edit

Lucky is a mischievous and ruthless black cat that loves to cause mischief and bad luck, only at night and rarely at daytime. However, he became well behaved all thanks to Connor/Catboy.

In the series Edit

In Catboy and the Black Catboy, Connor saves him from getting run over by a car on the sidewalk and decides to keep him. But at night, he takes the form of Catboy to cause more bad luck by breaking mirrors, sprinkling salt, setting up and running over ladders, and making cracks on the sidewalks. However, he was defeated by Catboy but he gave him a second chance and therefore had a change of heart.

Abilities Edit

Lucky can shape shift into anyone he wants to be, copy anyone's powers, and he can also turn into black mist. He can make cracks on sidewalks by stomping or pounding, sprinkle salt, summon fragile mirrors and then break them with his slingshot, and set up ladders for people to run under.

However, he can also make good luck magic too. He can make four leaf clovers grow with his paws and feet when he is in Connor form, fix any cracks on the sidewalks, and make horseshoes appear above doorways.

Trivia Edit

  • Lucky's favorite food is sardines. He also likes every kind of food with sardines like cake with sardines, ice cream with sardines, etc.
  • He has a crush on Belle's pet cat, Rouge.
  • He has a sister named Lyra.
  • His former owner is a glamourous Salem witch named Serena.