Luna Girl
* Luna Girl is a mysterious girl that uses a moon-shaped device to control things and has a swarm of moths to help her with her evil deeds.

Personality Edit

Luna Girl, being a villain, is quite antagonistic against the PJ Masks, but there is a possibility that she secretly likes them. In "Catboy's Tricky Ticket", she can he heard humming their theme song as she flies away on her Luna Board. She also teamed up with them to defeat Romeo in "Gekko and the Mighty Moon Problem". In "Gekko Saves Christmas", the PJ Masks let her spend Christmas with them. As mentioned before, she has several moths that help her travel during her plots. Luna Girl sometimes mistreats them and acts stubborn towards their warning attempts, but she loves them despite this.

Looks Edit

Luna Girl has white & silver sparkly hair that fades to black towards the end. She wears a black mask over her face and a black and gray suit with a lunar eclipse on it.

Trivia Edit

She has called the PJ Masks the following names:

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