Maestro Kwazii is Kwazii's musical alter ego when he transforms with his Magical Music baton.

Appearance Edit

Maestro Kwazii wears a blue suit and a white shirt underneath. He has white gloves, blue pants, black shoes, and on his head is a powdered wig with blue ribbons.

Abilities Edit

Like Amulet Spade, Maestro Kwazii can use his magical baton to send out rainbow colored music notes. This attack is used to immobilize enemies and neutralize hypnosis.

He can also use these attacks with his baton:

  • Sonic Soprano
  • Alto Attack
  • Rhythm Rainbow
  • Magical Melody
  • Bashing Beat
  • Storm of Notes
  • Mystic Muse
  • Grand Finale
  • Lyric Wave

Weapons Edit

  • Magical Baton
  • Magic Instruments

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