Mages of Foods

The Mage of Foods is the mage that controls cooking and baking. Her symbol is a green ribbon.


The Foods Mage is based on a kitchen maid. She wears a green dress with a lacey apron, green ribbons around the skirt, and she wears laced gloves. Her blonde hair is made into two pigtails and on her head is a green lacey maid's headband. She wears green shoes with ribbons, and she wears lacey socks.

In the series

The Mage of Foods and her sisters were invited to the Arts, Music, and Foods Summer Festival by Mayor Mickey Mouse to perform their magic, but her magic whisk and her sisters' magical items were stolen by Captain Hook until Kwazii defeats him and returns the items to her and her sisters.


The Mage of Foods has a magic whisk that casts cooking and baking magic which will help other people cook and bake properly.


The Mage of Foods has a pet mouse named Chewy who loves to chew on treats.