The Magical Cafe, opened in episode 6 of Season 2, The Octonaut Stars, is a bright, musical, and magical cafe filled with sweets and is owned by maids and waiters who run it and it's also a hangout for Kwazii and his friends to have their milkshakes, smoothies, hot chocolate, tea, coffee, cupcakes, cake slices, cookies, or sundaes after school.

Appearance Edit

Outside of the cafe, it's painted blush pink and white with magenta shadings. On the roof is a giant milkshake with white sparkles, a green music note, a blue star, and a bubblegum pink heart along with the Magical Cafe logo in the front. While inside the cafe, the walls are pink and white striped while the floor is checker designed with the same colors as the walls. The tables and chairs are french and there's a radio between two speakers.

Maid and Waiter Outfits Edit

Maids outfit:

Waiters outfit:

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