The Magical Creature Power Suit is a special system created by Sofia that is like Aviva's creature power suits,
Magical Creature Power Suits

The Magical Creature Power Suits; Captain Jake's suit (upper left), Kwazii Cat's suit (upper right), Sheriff Callie's suit (middle), Connor/Catboy's suit (lower left), Sofia's suit (lower right

only it gives the user the certain abilities of various magical animals from the Fantasy Forest, or other magical creatures instead of regular animals. (hence the name; Magical Creature Power) When the suits are activated, it generates a form that gives the powers of the magic animal the disc is based on to the user. In order to be activated, the user must have the disc on them and come in contact somehow with the creature. The suits can be deactivated if they come in contact with something that could short out an electrical system, unless they're protected against it.


Sofia got the idea from a Wild Kratts cartoon that she, Kwazii, and Jake have been watching. She spent a day on the construction of the suits. In an inert mode, the suit consists of a vest equipped with slots for the discs, and gloves with DNA scanners, just like Aviva's creature power suits. The exact material of which the suits are made of has not been revealed; it is most likely some form of composite plastics. (judging by the absence of ever breaks or cracks)

When activated, the suit "forms" from an unknown source of additional structural elements. (wings, ears, fangs, etc) Once activated, the suits connect to the user's nervous system. Since the mass of these elements clearly superior to the mass of the suit, they could have been delivered from the outside.

The exact energy source of the suits is unknown. Based on the fact that the suit can obviously run for a very long time and do not need to be recharged, it is (most likely) some form of ultra-compact nuclear power element (hard to imagine something more compact and durable, able to operate even in the cold sea water).

Sofia designed the suits specifically for Captain Jake and Kwazii. However, just rarely the other members of the Disney Junior Club (like Connor/Catboy) wear them as well. They're seen wearing them a few times throughout the series. Sofia is later shown to have her own magical creature power suit.

Each power suit has been designed to share it's users theme/favorite color:

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