Welcome to the Disney Junior The Animated Series Wiki!

Welcome! Edit

Welcome to the Disney Junior; The Animated Series wiki! Where the magic begins and now never ends. Enjoy your stay and have fun editing!

Rules for this wiki Edit

  • No violence
  • No gore
  • No sexual activities (Although, flirting, hand holding, and kissing are okay. Just as long as they are not too sexual)
  • No lesbian or gay ideas
  • No creepypasta
  • Be inspired by your favorite TV shows (not adult shows) and your favorite app games (as long as they don't involve sex, violence, or dirty jokes)
  • No green, dirty, or toilet jokes
  • Do not add inappropriate or disturbing photos on any of the pages.
  • Do not mess with the pages by adding gibberish text, bad words, adult stuff, etc.
  • Have fun editing

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