Miles Callisto is an enthusiastic and curious boy with a somewhat reckless
Miles Callisto
inventive streak whom the series is named after.

Personality Edit

He is an adventurous young boy who lives aboard the Stellosphere with his family in their mission to explore and connect the galaxy for the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. He enjoys adventure and excitement, and loves to surf and go fast with his pet Robo-Ostrich and best friend, M.E.R.C. He is also known to be quite mischievous on rare occasions, and causes mishaps that can bother his older sister Loretta, but does in the end make up for his mistakes. His catch phrases include "Blastastic!," "Superstellar!," "Galactic!," "Aww, Craters!," and "Let's rocket!"

Physical AppearanceEdit

Being the youngest member of the family, around seven-years-old, Miles is only a few meters shorter than his sister. His physical and facial appearance is half Asian on his mother's side, and has light freckles on each cheek. He has dark brown hair and eyes. Miles is a black haired boy that wears a Tomorrowland Transit Authority Space Suit with the TTA Logo On It like his family only it is white with blue colors. He wears galactic boots, white gloves, and wears a belt around his waist. He also wears his space helmet when he rides his Blast Board.

In Callie in Wonderland, Miles wears a baby blue suit with a pocket with a handkerchief inside, white gloves, a pocket watch hanging from his neck, a pair of pale blue pants, blue striped long socks, brown shoes, and on his head is a blue top hat with rings decorate with black and red hearts, spades, diamonds, and clovers.

In Star Darlings, he wears a cosmic blue jacket with a light blue star shirt underneath, white star pants with silver stars and lining, a star belt around his waist, and baby boot colored boots. His hair is colored cerulean blue with a black streak on his bangs.

In Astro Lover, his akumatized self includes

In The Griffin Games, Miles wears a sky blue riding coat with a cerulean blue shirt underneath, a pair of pale blue riding pants, silver riding boots, and on his head is a bright blue riding helmet with a golden griffin crest.

In Two Miles To Go!, Miles’ new Starling outfit consists

Terra Monsters Edit

Asteroid the Ninevolt Edit

A Ninevolt who loves to have fun and travel around in space like his owner Miles. He is his starter Terra Monster when he and Loretta became Terra Ranchers.

Neptune the Tuffin Edit

The airheaded dreamer who would love to travel around his favorite planet Neptune, which is how he get his name from Miles, but even though he gets distracted easily, Neptune can focus more on helping friends or when in a battle with other Terra Monsters.

Blaze the Targabee Edit

The fastest Targabee with speed that's as fast as the speed of light. Blaze loves to fly around, doing stunts and flips but he is also very mischievous that he loves to pull pranks on his friends but only in a good way.


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  • In "Lunar New Year", it is revealed that Miles gets his passion for speed from his Grandmother, who likes to go fast as well.
  • Miles' signature color is blue.
  • In the first season, Miles was voiced by Cullen McCarthy, but will be replaced by Justin Felbinger in season two.
    • Justin Felbinger is known for his role as Mtoto the elephant in The Lion Guard.
  • In Star Darlings, Juicy Gossip, Cassie and the Star Violin, Cry of the Bansheep, Adventures In Glowfur Sitting, and Miles' Cosmic Crush, Miles is shown to have deep affection for Cassie.
    • In Miles' Cosmic Crush, he and Cassie are now considered a true couple after their date.
  • In "Connect and Protect", Miles' dream to become a captain comes true when Commander Copernicus makes him the captain of Mission Force One.
  • He was once akumatized by Hawk Moth’s akumatized butterfly in Astro Lover.