Naomi Turner is a character who appears in the 2016 Disney Channel animated
Naomi Turner
series Elena of Avalor. She is an adventurer and is Elena's best friend.

Background Edit

Personality Edit

Naomi is a practical girl who never gives up. Unlike Duke Esteban, Naomi approves of Elena's take charge approach and is shown to have a dislike of the snooty Chancellor. She's also shown to have a fear of riding the Jaquins.

Physical Appearance Edit

Around fifteen years of age, Naomi is a fair-skinned girl with a slender figure and deep aqua blue eyes. She has short blonde hair and faint freckles across her cheeks.

Her signature outfit includes a deep bluish-green bodice with strong green lining and decorated with flowers at the bottom, that go over a white top. She wears a brilliant green skirt with a deep bluish-green strip that goes around the lower part. She has black boots and wears around her waist a dark red belt. Around Naomi's neck, she wears a patchwork choker necklace decorated with three turquoise gemstones dangling from the front. Around her left arm, Naomi wears a braided cord bracelet with similar gemstones on her necklace.

Trivia Edit

  • Her home country is Norberg.