Lady Rancora tells Luna Girl that she’s always alone

Lady Rancora enjoying Luna Girl watching her sad memories

Nega-Luna! is the 62nd episode of Season 34.


Lady Rancora makes Luna Girl her new target after seeing her trying to figure out her own dreams and wishes for her future, and then shows negative memories from her past to remind her that she’s always alone and doesn’t deserve a brighter future like everyone, and also infect her with negative energy just to help Lady Rancora boost her powers, but Luna Girl learns that no matter what has happened in her past, she is never alone and just keep moving forward to her future.


The episode begins in the Moonbeams’ house where Luna is seen in her room writing down another entry in her diary and her pet canadian marble fox, Eclipsion, was sleeping in while her moths were watching. After she was done writing, Luna starts to wonder about her dreams and what to do in her future now that she’s changed over the days. Just then, her iDisney rings and her moths go to pick it up for her as she presses the call button and gets a call from her next door neighbor and friend, Nancy. As Luna asks what’s up, Nancy reminds her about going out with their friends to the annual dream festival today. Luna forgot about that and thanks Nancy for the reminder before putting her iDisney in her pocket as she was about to rush out the door when she almost forgot her bag and wallet as she grabs them and says to her moths and Eclipsion that she’ll see them later when she gets back.

Later, when she arrived at the entrance to the park, Luna could see that the dream festival is on, but she didn’t see her friends there, and thought that they might’ve already gone in without her, just when she heard Sofia’s voice behind her as Luna turned to see that Sofia, along with their other friends, are behind her and she was relieved that they didn’t go in without her. She just hoped that they’ll tag along as usual, and they did when they went into the festival together. When they were in, the festival was in full swing! There were dancers, stands full of food, games, and prizes, people were dressed in the most dreamy-looking clothes, and there was even a booth where everyone writes down their dreams and wishes and hopes that they’ll come true someday. Seeing the booth, Greg suggests that they should go there to write down their wishes as everyone went to grab their own piece of paper and a pencil to start writing their wishes down before putting them in a Wish box. While her friends put their wishes into the box, Luna was the only one who didn't write down her wish as Greg prompts her to just try, but Luna says that she can't because she just saw a booth that sells candy apples and decides to get one.

At the candy apple booth, Greg had bought the candy apples but he could see that Luna looked troubled, so he decides to ask her what was bothering her. Sighing, Luna tells him and their friends that she has been having trouble with her own dreams and wishes, and is starting to lose confidence about her future. Patting her shoulder, Greg tells Luna to not worry and like he said, he and the others are willing to help her make those dreams and wishes come true, but Sage adds that her (Luna) future will be up to her. That part left Luna in question as she wonders what her future will be. As the gang continued through the festival, they saw amazing shows, listened to the most dreamiest music, played games, and won cool prizes. But all of that didn’t distract Luna from thinking about her future.


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