Night Ninja

Night Ninja is a mysterious villain who never actually gets involved in a battle as he summons his henchmen: the Ninjalinos, to do his dirty work.

Personality Edit

Night Ninja rarely gets involved in a battle as he summons his henchmen, the Ninjalinos, to do his dirty work for him. He is the leader of his Ninjalinos whom he treats like soldiers.

Looks Edit

The Night Ninja wears a fully-covered navy blue ninja costume with nighttime-like stars on it.

Trivia Edit

  • Devan Cohen, who voices Night Ninja, also voices Rubble on the animated show PAW Patrol.
  • He once sided with Romeo in an attempt to defeat the PJ Masks in "Catboy and the Shrinker".
    • However, he and Romeo didn't get along well and argued a lot.
  • Night Ninja has called the PJ Masks these names:
    • PJ Masks: PJ Pests, PJ Nincompoops, Party Poopers, PJ Splats, PJ Losers
    • Catboy: PJ Pussycat, Kitty, Itty-Bitty Kitty Boy, Foolish Feline, Kitty Litter Boy
    • Owlette: Feather-Brain, Bird-Brain, Noisy Bird Girl, Feathers
    • Gekko: Goofy Gekko, Lizard-Legs, Lizard Boy.
    • Fish Boy:
  • Night Ninja's favorite Fantasy Forest animals are an Onyx Direwolf, and a Frightingale.
  • In "Chaos Night Ninja", he is the son of Chaos Khan.

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