Of Lions and Poachers is the 40th episode of Season 10. 
Connor and Bunga spy on one of the poachers

Summary Edit

Cecil Clayton and his men have arrived in the Pridelands to hunt for some lions and only Connor and the Lion Guard can stop them, but when marked as co-leader of the Lion Guard, Connor learns to trust his instincts and not let his doubt get in his way.

Plot Edit

The episode begins in the Pridelands where Connor and Kion are watching Bunga bouncing a porcupine on his head again since he is immune to pain, and Connor is impressed. Bunga is just near to one hundred when Connor (even without his super cat ears) hears some truck honking from the distance. Connor runs to the other side and clears some tall grass out of the way to get a better view, just when he sees a big truck rolling into the Pridelands and he calls over his shoulder to Kion and Bunga to check it out as Bunga asks what is going on and Connor squints his eyes to see through the glare of the sun and see that men were armed with hollow bamboo stocks and thirty sleeping darts, making Connor realize that the men who own the truck are poachers!

Confused, Bunga asks what poachers are as Connor explains to him that poachers are humans that hunt and kill animals to make them into food, clothing, shoes, and even accessories! Just then, the men's truck transforms into a camp and all the men prepare their sleeping darts and other weapons. Then, the men's leader Cecil Clayton walks to where Bunga, Connor, and Kion are hiding so they have to duck down without being seen as the hunter scans the area for any lions but found none, so he joins his friends over and the three boys looked over their hiding rock as they all crouched down, then Kion whispers that they need to get to Pride Rock and warn to whole royal family that poachers are here. They sneak into the tall grass and rush to Pride Rock as fast as they could before the poachers spotted them.

When they arrive at Pride Rock, Connor tells King Simba and Queen Nala about the poachers and how they are planning to hunt all the lions in the Pridelands to make them into scarves and coats. Nodding his head understandingly, Simba declares that the Lion Guard should go out and drive the poachers out of the Pridelands, but he doesn't want Kion to lead them this time, only Connor! Both Kion and Connor are in shock as Simba tells them that if Kion leads the Lion Guard, then he won't be safe if the hunters try and catch him, so he will let Connor lead them for once just to keep his son safe. Kion, Bunga, Fuli, Besthe, and Ono understand, but Connor is unsure if he can lead the Lion Guard. Kion walks up to his human friend and reminds him that he is a great leader and no one is as great at being a leader as he is, and Connor decides to take that responsibly.

Placing his paw on Connor's sleeve, Kion marks him as the co-leader of the Lion Guard and he (Connor) thanks him, then Kion tells him good luck as Connor and the Lion Guard are off! In the fields, John and his men are searching for any lions while in the tall grasses, Connor, Fuli, Besthe, Bunga, and Ono are spying on them and Connor sneaks behind a big rock as Bunga follows him behind. The two look up from the rock to see the man scanning the area for lions. While they are busy, Connor tells the Guard about his plan. Everyone is in as they got into action!

Villain Motives Edit

  • Cecil Clayton: To hunt down lions

Trivia Edit

  • Connor is marked as the co-leader of the Lion Guard.
  • Connor sings Kion's Lament, only in a different way.
  • This is the first time Connor speaks to the spirit of Mufasa.

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