Operation: Distraction is the 57th episode of Season 20.

Summary Edit

Nne and Tano are back, but this time they are more smarter for the Lion Guard. Now it's up to Janja and his clan to save the day.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Janja, Cheezi, Chungu, Mosi, and Sefu chasing a herd of antelopes in the Pride Lands. While chasing the antelopes, both of them split up. Mosi and Sefu go after two antelopes in the east, Cheezi and Chungu go after four antelopes in the west, and Janja goes after one antelope in the north. Little do they know that the Lion Guard is watching them.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is how Nne and Tano return to Janja's grace.
  • This episode is between Janja's New Crew and The Rise of Scar.

Transcript Edit

Kion (Narrating): Operation: Distraction.

(A herd of antelopes is seen eating with Janja and his clan spying on them.)

Janja: (sniffing) Do you smell that, boys?

Cheezi: That smell.

Chungu: A kinda smelly smell.

Mosi: A smelly smell that smells...

Sefu: Smelly.

Janja: Time for lunch!

Clan: Huh?

Janja: Time for lunch! (charges at the antelopes, causing an antelope stampede) Remember your training, boys! Now split them up.

(Hyenas split the herd and the Lion Guard is seen watching the hyenas while Mosi and Sefu are seen laughing.)

Mosi: Hey, ever wondered why the antelopes are so close?

Sefu: Ha ha. That's because antelopes are so slow.

Fuli: Huwezi! Hiya! (Both hyenas scream.) Hem. Now who are the slow ones?

Mosi: Uhh...

Sefu: That would be us?

(Meanwhile, while Cheezi and Chungu are laughing...)

Cheezi: These guys are too silly.

Chungu: Yeah. It's funny cause it's true.

Beshte: Twende Kiboko!

(Hyenas are whining.)

Chungu: I wish I saw that comin'

Cheezi: Me too.


Janja: (evil laughing) Gotcha now, lunch.

Kion: Stop right there Janja!

Janja: Kion?

Kion: Step away from the antelope.

(Hyenas whiningly run to Janja.)

Janja: (scoffs) So much for lunch time.

Kion: Oh don't worry Janja, you'll be perfect fine once you're all back in the Outlands.

Janja: Fine. But this isn't over yet. I'll be back when you least expect me. Come on, fellas.

(Everyone follows Janja, but Cheezi and Chungu head in the wrong direction.)

Fuli: (scoffs then blocks them) Wrong way you two.

Cheezi and Chungu: Oops! (both laughing but on the top of a cliff)

Nne: You are an extraordinary team, Lion Guard.

Tano: But just wait until you see what happens next. (laughing with Nne)

Nne: At last the moment we've been waiting for.

Tano: The moment about us crushing the Lion Guard.