Owlette's Capricorn Calamity is the 49th episode of Season 18.

Summary Edit

When Romeo is after a zodiac Fantasy Forest animal called a Capricorn, Owlette must fly into the sea to dive in and get to it before Romeo does.

Plot Edit

The episode begins at evening where at Starlight Beach, the Disney Junior Club are having their weekend barbecue watching for the zodiac Fantasy Forest animal, the Capricorn, while Amaya was putting up music since this magical animal loves music.

Kwazii used his super sight to spot a tail sticking and then sinking back into the ocean's water as he calls to everyone that he just saw the Capricorn swimming back into the water.

Trivia Edit

  • Owlette flies underwater for the first time.

Transcript Edit

Amaya (Narrating): Owlette's Capricorn Calamity.

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