Owlette and the Bad Hair Day is the 51st episode of Season 9.

Summary Edit

Amaya finds that her hair has been cut off the next morning and Izzy and Sofia try to find a way to make her bad hair day a good hair day.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with the PJ Masks defeating Luna Girl once again and returning a crown that she had stolen from the museum. Then just as Amaya was gonna go to bed, she finds Conner in the makeup room as Amaya asks Conner what he was doing in the makeup room, Conner then thanks Amaya for saving him from Luna girl, then Amaya blushed and so did Connor, then Amaya moved her body closer to Conners, then they slowly kiss each other on the lips.

Later that night, Amaya was in bed sleeping and having a dream about her and Connor in some love scene. They begin to hold each others' hands and lean closer to each other to have their kiss, but the pink sparkly scenery turns pitch black and Connor's hand slips out of Amaya's. Then he falls into the darkness. Amaya tries to grabs for his hand but he was gone and she wakes up from her nightmare the next morning and then walks to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

But in the bathroom, Amaya finds her hair falling off and her hair becomes short as she let out an ear piercing scream! Suddenly, she hears calls from downstairs. Afraid that they might see her short hair, Amaya quickly grabs a sun hat to cover it, then opens the door to find Sofia and Izzy with looks of excitement but they turned puzzled when the saw the sun hat on her head. When they asked her why she was wearing a sun hat, Amaya lets out a sigh as she takes it off to reveal her shortened hair and the girls’ faces went from puzzled to shocked as Sofia asks what happened to her hair.

With a shrug, Amaya replied that she doesn’t have a clue because she woke up with her hair like this. Now she needs help with her bad hair day before either Connor or Greg notices.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is similar to Shanila Surprise from Lolirock.
  • Connor and Amaya have their second kiss before the end of the episode.

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