Paint Me a Prediction is the 12th episode of Season 13. 
Kwazii Paints Another Prediction

Summary Edit

When Kwazii uses his magic paintbrush to paint pictures, he discovers that his paintings seems to predict the future... in good -and bad- unexpecting ways!

Plot Edit

The episode begins in Starlight Beach where Kwazii is painting a portrait with his Mystic Paintbrush while Pearl is sleeping on a rock. Kwazii finishes the painting but feels that something is missing, so he decides to paint something funny: like, Tick Tock Croc chasing Captain Hook on mid-water. He then paints Tick Tock Croc and Captain Hook then starts laughs, which wakes up Pearl and she starts laughing along with Kwazii. Suddenly, they see the Tick Tock Croc chasing Captain Hook across the waters just like in the portrait as he screamed for Mr. Smee's help, as usual.

Shrugging, Kwazii thinks that Hook's probably just taking his "morning jogs" as he puts away his mystic paintbrush and he and Pearl leave the beach to go have some lunch at the Magical Cafe.

Later at the Magical Cafe, Kwazii and Pearl were eating their lunch and after finishing, he had a blank portrait and his mystic paintbrush out again, then starts painting a picture of a big three layered cake with a million cherries when he looks up and surprisingly, finds a big three layered cake with a million cherries on his table! Just then, a maid who was walking by stopped to see the cake in amazement and asks Kwazii if he made it but he didn't because while he was painting, the cake appeared out of nowhere just when he realized that every time he paints a picture with his mystic paintbrush, something happens out of nowhere and as he said that loud, everyone turned and stood up from their seats, then started asking Kwazii if he can paint predictions for all of them.

Powers that Kwazii uses Edit

  • Mystic Paintbrush (to paint pictures that seem to predict unusual events)
  • Water Magic (to fill up a wash basin)
  • Appearing Powers (to make a towel appear so Kwazii can use it to clean the paint off him)

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Kwazii (Narrating): Paint Me a Prediction.