Painter Kwazii is Kwazii's artistic alter ego when he transforms with his Mystic Paintbrush.

Appearance Edit

Painter Kwazii wears a blue berret, black shoes, a straight mustache, and a white artist's smock covered in paint.

Abilities Edit

Painter Kwazii can use his Mystic Paintbrush on his Palette Shield to take some colors and use them to attack his opponents.

  • Raging Red- A red fire-like attack
  • Orange Outburst- An outburst of orange stars
  • Yielding Yellow- A yellow attack that can copy the opponents' attacks.
  • Guarding Green- A green shield
  • Blazing Blue- A blue shooting star
  • Paralyzing Purple- Purple arrows
  • Pink Peril- A storm of pink and magenta hearts
  • White Whirlwind- A white whirlwind
  • Black Block- A black X that can block any opponent's magic spell
  • Colors Of Joy- The finishing attack that resembles a swirling rainbow

Weapons Edit

Painter Kwazii wields the Mystic Paintbrush and the Palette Shield.

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