Petite Panda Power Up! is the 48th episode of Season 12. 
Petite Panda Power Up! Scene 4

Summary Edit

Kwazii, Captain Jake, Sofia and the whole Octonauts team go expedition to the Fantasy Forest to study petite pandas and making a count because they are endangered, but they're not alone when Doctor Undergear steals petite pandas and convert them into live robotic stuffed animalsm and with our heroes left without power to operate the vehicles, they are inspired by the petite panda to find alternative energy.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with the Gup-TD flying high in the sky. Inside the HQ, Kwazii was tapping on the keyboard just as Captain Jake appeared with a handmade stuffed toy that looked like a panda and sets it down on the board. Then at the cockpit, Sofia called to her friends if they were ready yet.

Kwazii responds that they are and tells Callie to bring Sofia in. Sheriff Callie then pushes a blindfolded Sofia into HQ and stops her in front of the screen. She asks where they were going as Kwazii and Captain Jake gave her some hints: this magical creature is like the giant panda only with a petite body, it's black and white, a secret member of the bear family, and Sofia has been taking one around since well... she made a stuffed toy like it.

Gasping in surprise, Sofia takes off the blindfold and hugs her handmade petite panda stuffed toy as she guessed that she and the gang were gonna see petite pandas! She had been wanting to see a real live one ever since she learned how to make her first stuffed toy!

Captain Jake asks what the plush toy's name is and Sofia tells him and Kwazii that the toy's name is Plushie, and she slept with her after making her.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is similar to Panda Power Up! from the Wild Kratts.

Transcript Edit

To see the transcript of this episode, click here.

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