Captain Phoebe Callisto is one of the main characters who appears in the Disney Junior animated series, Miles from
Phoebe Callisto Pose

Captain Phoebe Callisto

. She is the captain of the Stellosphere and the mother of Miles and Loretta.

Background Edit

Official Disney Bio Edit

Captain Callisto is also Captain Mom and runs the ship with a warm heart, high standards, and a take-charge personality. A born leader, Phoebe sets a great example and encourages her family on every mission.

Being both a captain and a mother, she runs the Stellosphere with a warm heart and is a born leader to the family. She is encouraging and supportive to both her kids and is always ready for action. According to the family, Phoebe is known to be a very competitive in all kinds of sports and activity. She's faster than her husband and a sharp shooter using Flash Beams. In her youth she enjoyed suffering quantum waves just like Leo and owns a blast board she calls "Nova Blue."

Whenever Miles and Loretta have any fallouts, she knows exactly how to get through to them and help them reconcile all by themselves. However like all mothers, she is known on rare occasions to be protective whenever her kids are involved in dangerous situations.

Terra Monsters Edit

Frosty the Freyon Edit

Phoebe's starter Terra Monster when she first became a Terra rancher just like her husband and kids. Although he is very vain, Frosty is very sweet and sensitive but that never stops him from battling other Terra Monsters and defending his friends.

Clover the Venox Edit

The cuddliest Venox who loves to cuddle with his owner when Phoebe is not working on her computers but if she is, Clover can be found playing in the meadows with the squirrels and deer or swinging on branches with the chipmunks.

Hailey the Majestice Edit

Phoebe's only rarest Terra Monster who is like a queen and a mentor to Miles' and Loretta's Terra Monsters and teaching them some good lessons on how to work together to solve any problem, but when not training her apprentices, she can be found leaping in her favorite place on Neverland, the Winter Woods.

Trivia Edit

  • Phoebe is named after one of Saturn’s moons.
  • It is revealed in "Lunar New Year" that Phoebe gets her catchphrase "Let's Rocket" from her father.
  • Phoebe's signature color is red.
  • Like with her own daughter, Phoebe is also called "Starshine" by her parents.