Piper is a second year student at Starling Academy, and the seventh member of


the Star Darlings.

Bio Edit

Piper seems to float through life as if she's on her own astral plane. She's ethereal and speaks with a voice that's calming and smooth as silk, but sometimes she gives the other girls the heebie-jeebies. She's psychic and is always telling her friends about visions she's had and looking for spirits.

To Piper's credit, her upbringing was unusual. She lived in a mysterious old house far out in the countryside with her energetic grandmother and an aloof older brother. The house had a reputation for being haunted, and practically no one ever came to visit, but that was fine with Piper. She made friends with the luminous spirits and chattered with them every day!

When Piper doesn't have her head in the cosmos, she's pretty fun. She's also super artistic and writes beautiful poetry. She is currently working on an epic poem about wishes. She expects it to be four hundred thousand lines long, but she's currently only on line thirty! Her connection to the magic all around her makes her a perfect Star Darling.

Trivia Edit

  • Piper is named after the Pisces, the last of the zodiac signs.
  • Her roommate is Vega.
  • Her hometown is the Gloom Flats.
  • Her wish is to become a poet.
  • Her wish pendants are bracelets.

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