The Pirate-ology Class is the classroom for students studying and learning how to become pirates.

Appearance Edit

The door of the classroom is brown with a silencer doorknob and a crossbone on the bottom. Above it is a circled window with gold around it.

Inside the classroom, the room is based on the inside of a pirate ship except the walls are painted doubloon gold and the floor is like a pirate's deck. The desks and chairs are wooden and behind them are a bookshelf with pirate books and maps and small treasure chests while in front of them are the teacher's desk that has a golden main wheel printed on the front and on top of it is a cup of pencils and a fake pirate skull. The room is also decorated with pirate posters with old pirate sayings of wisdom.

Teacher Edit

Kwazii Cat

Homeroom Number Edit

Room 157

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