The Princess of Gentlehaven is the protagonist of Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey. An amnesiac girl at the beginning, a pixie leads her to the abandoned castle, beckoning her to remember and to restore the castle to its former glory.

In Catboy's Magic Key (Part 2), she is revealed to be Connor/Catboy's great-great-great-great aunt, and that her name is Cynthia.

Background Edit

Personality Edit

She is kind, sweet, brave, and always ready to help.

Powers Edit

The heroine possesses magical powers in the wand bestowed upon her by the pixie, which can take on a different shape and color in each world. These magical powers can be used to restore objects and individuals, as well as relinquish the Bogs.

Design Edit

In the introduction, the protagonist wears a brown cloak to conceal her overall appearance.

As she can be customized by the player, the design varies. Of all the options, there are four dresses available – with eight primary and eight secondary colors – four hairstyles with eight colors, eight eye colors, eight skin tones, four slippers with eight colors, four bracelets with eight colors, four pairs of earrings with eight colors, and four head accessories with eight colors. A golden dress is unlocked at the end of the game after she remembers that she is a princess.

But in the Disney Junior Animated Series, she is tan skinned, has auburn hair with a braid at the end and a pink tiara on top of her head, pink earrings, a pink and yellow dress, a gold necklace with colored gems, orchid and pink slippers, and her eyes are blue.