Professor Cog is the 15th episode of the 22nd season.

Summary Edit

A robot threatens humanity by attempting to destroy the Disney Junior Club with a little help of Disney's Most Dangerous Villains.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with a robot who has teleported himself to Disney Junior Island. Little does he know that at the top of a hill, Drake makes revenge plans of his own when a giant drill drills in the island.

Trivia Edit

  • Professor Cog makes his debut since “Clash of the Red Rangers” and “In the Driver's Seat”.
    • The Grinders make they're debut since Power Rangers RPM, "Clash of the Red Rangers", and "In the Diver's Seat".
    • The Disney Junior Club make they're debut as the Power Rangers DJC.
  • Captain Drake introduces his Black-Hole-Destrecto in this episode.

Transcript #1 Edit

Kwazii (Narrating): Professor Cog.

(A robot has teleported to Disney Junior Island then he looks around)

Professor Cog: So this is the Disney-Universe? How pathetic. Come on, my Grinders. We have work to do.


Captain Drake: (evil chuckle) It was no surprise that this dimwitted pathetic robot was so foolish to come here, but he is the perfect plan for my revenge, and now I am finally prepared to execute my master plan. (evil laughing) (A giant drill drills on the hill) Perfect. The first drill of the Black-Hole-Destrecto is in place. Now to gather the other two of Disney's Most Dangerous Villains and use my new power source to team up with us.

Power Rangers (Disney Junior Club Version) (Theme Song) Edit

Theme Song Guy (narrating): Not so long ago, Captain Drake, Negaduck, and Romeo use their powers to bring back monsters to create misery. Today the dark cloud has been secretly spreading all over Disney Junior Island. Luckily, there's a new team of heroes who will be able to stand in their way. They are...Power Rangers DJC.

Transcript #2 Edit

Professor Cog: Wow this universe is quite nice. It's quite more exciting than my Nickelodeon universe.

Captain Drake: So, you're from another universe, I see.

Professor Cog: What? Who said that?

Captain Drake: (appears himself) Relax. I am a friend.

Professor Cog: Huh? Who are you?

Captain Drake: The name's Drake, and yours...

Professor Cog: Professor Cog and these are my grinders, and just what do you want?

Captain Drake: Hmm. It's nothing really, but I can see that the two of us have something in common.

Professor Cog: What?

Captain Drake: Yes, and I think I can help us get what we want, my Professional-Robotic-Friend.

Professor Cog: The two of us have something in common? Professional-Robotic-Friend? Give me one good reason why I shouldn't crush you.

Captain Drake: I can give all the reasons of what I'm talking about, but first, let me show something very, very,...special.

Professor Cog: Special? What kind of special is it?

Captain Drake: You'll have to see it to believe it. This way.

Professor Cog: Okay? Well? You've heard him, Grinders. Let's go. (grinders following Drake and their leader)

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