Rockstar Kwazii is another one of Kwazii's musical alter egos when he transforms with his magical electric guitar. He made his first appearance in Rockstar Kwazii and DJ Kidz!.

Appearance Edit

Rockstar Kwazii wears a black vest with gray fuzzy sides for the top of the vest and a white T-Shirt with a blue star underneath, white distress pants with a star belt around his waist, black boots with star boot buckles that are like Scarlet's, and on his head are three hairs sticking out. He has two earrings on his right ear; one with a star and one without a star.

Abilities Edit

Rockstar Kwazii can rock out ear-splitting tunes or melodious melodies with his magic eletric guitar.

  • Guitar Bash
  • Sonic Shockwave
  • Melodic Mashup
  • Shocking Strums
  • Eletric Guitar Picks
  • Bashing Bam
  • Harmony's Soul

Weapons Edit

  • Magic Electric Guitar
  • Bashing Drumsticks
  • Electric Guitar Picks
  • Killer Keyboard
  • Thunder Tambourine
  • Magic Microphone
  • Magic Piano Keys

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