Romeo vector

Romeo is an evil young mad scientist who plans on world domination with robots, inventions or anything to make the world love him. He is one the members of Disney's Most Dangerous Villains and the fourth antagonist of the series behind Scroop, Captain Drake and Negaduck.

Looks Edit

Romeo wears a mad scientist coat, boots, pants, goggles and a lightning bolt-shaped black and white hairdo.

Trivia Edit

  • Romeo knows about the PJ Masks' secret identities.
  • Alex Thorne, who voices Romeo, also voices Zuma on the animated show PAW Patrol.
  • The white streak in his hair could be a reference to Cruella De Vil, a woman from the 101 Dalmatians series who also has black and white hair.
  • In "Speak UP, Gekko!", there was a brief animation error that removed his legs.
  • Romeo has called the PJ Masks these names:
    • PJ Masks: PJ Pests, PJ Monkeys, PJ Stinks, Super Stumblers, PJ Pains, PJ Dodos, Daytime Dodos, PJ Do-Gooders, Non-Speaking Ninnies
    • Catboy: PJ Pussycat, Kitty Litter Boy, Kitty Cat, Kooky Cat, Pussycat, Biker Boy
    • Owlette: Feather-Brain, Bird-Brain, Birdy
    • Gekko: Lizard-Legs, Lizard Boy, Lizardy Loser, Loopy Lizard
    • Fish Boy: Fishsticks, Fishy Loser
  • In "Romeo Undergear", it is revealed that Doctor Undergear is Romeo's grandfather.
  • He keeps a special cog pendant with a picture of him and his grandfather taped on it underneath his mad scientist jacket.
  • He has a Shark Ship for a ship, a small mechanical crab, and a Robo Bird like the ones at Gear Island as pets.
  • He is shown to be very jealous of Sofia and her inventions, the Magical Creature Power Suits and the Magical Creature Power Discs.
  • In "Atlantic: Romeo's Colossal Corruption", it's revealed that he and his family are rich and that they own a mansion.
  • His mortal enemies are Catboy and Cubby.
  • He is one of the five members of Captain Drake's team Disney's Most Dangerous Villains.