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Romeo is an evil young mad scientist who plans on world domination with robots, inventions or anything to make the world love him. He is one the members and two henchmen of Captain Drake's team; Disney's Most Dangerous Villains. He is one of the two tertiary antagonists of the series along with his partner Negaduck behind Scroop and Captain Drake.

Looks Edit

Romeo wears a mad scientist coat, boots, pants, goggles and a lightning bolt-shaped black and white hairdo.

In his daytime self, Romeo wears a long-sleeved purple shirt with a purple collar, white pants, and blue sneakers. However, he is not seen with his goggles on.

In Miraculous Owlette and Catboy Noir, his akumatized self is of a steampunk humanoid cyborg with silver and bronze metal and cogs for his goggles. He is named Robo-Romeo in this episode.

In Upside Down Disney Junior Town, he wears a steampunk-themed outfit and fingerless gloves, and his goggles are included, only they are on his head instead of his eyes.

In The Genius and the Cat... Friends?, he wears a formal gentleman suit with a black bow tie, gray pants, and black shoes. Like his ordianry daytime self, his goggles are not included.

Personality Edit

Romeo is extremely intelligent for his age, but sadly, like many about as young as he is, Romeo fails to see the sagely distinction between knowledge and wisdom, consistently confusing either for both. He isn't very physically combative, nor is he particularly arrogant about his intellect, but is very bent and keen on taking over the world. He has an intense dislike for the PJ Masks, but isn't extremely violent with them. He usually accepts his fate and flees when he knows he is defeated. 

Romeo has a very respectful Robot that performs tasks for him and brings him from place to place. Similar to how Luna Girl is with her moths, he tends to mistreat his robot and acts stubborn towards his warnings about the PJ Masks. It could be possible that Robot and Robette are his only friends.

Nicknames Edit

  • Master
  • Second-in-Command
  • Romero
  • Hench-maniac
  • Rome
  • Romey
  • Romey Womey Woo
  • Robo-Romeo
  • Half Brain
  • Smart of Smarts
  • Smarty-Pants

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