Romeo's Mechanical Island is the 23rd episode of Season 20.

Summary Edit

When Romeo wants to live near Doctor Undergear, he decides that he, Robo Bird, Shark Ship and Crab Bots should take over Never Land.

Plot Edit

The episode starts with Romeo who finishes his latest and most awesome invention, the World Changing Laser, but all he can ever think of is his grandfather Doctor Undergear who always spends his time in Gear Island. Romeo thinks that it's time that he and his pets should move to the Never World. He then looks around and sees Never Land, and with that Romeo and his pets pack their stuff and toolboxes and go to Never Land, and when they start to get to work, they begin making Never Land their own home, and to make matters worse he throws everyone off Never Land, even Tic Toc Croc. When Captain Hook sees this, he and his crew go to find Captain Jake, his crew, and the PJ Masks. Meanwhile Doctor Undergear sees and secretly follows them.

Time Cards Edit

  • Meanwhile
  • Thirty Minutes Later
  • Meanwhile
  • Fifteen Minutes Later

Characters Edit

  • Romeo (Main Character)
  • Doctor Undergear (Main Character)
  • Shark Ship
  • Crab Bots
  • Robo Bird
  • Captain Jake (Tertiary Character)
  • PJ Masks
  • Izzy
  • Cubby
  • Skully
  • Captain Hook
  • Mr. Smee
  • Sharky and Bones
  • Tick Tock the Crocodile

Songs Edit

  • Mechanical Island
  • Set Sail With Captain Jake

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time Romeo takes over Never Land.

Transcript Edit

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Doctor Undergear (narrating): Romeo's Mechanical Island.

Romeo: Guys, I give you my super, duper, awesome, and terrific invention ever, the World Changing Laser! (mechanical applause) Thank you, thank you very... (sighs) Gee, I wish I could live near Grandpa. He's our only friend we ever have. (light bulb dinging) Guys, I think we should move to a new home in the Never World. (lowers and looks through his mechanical telescope) Ok, let us survey our opinions... too cold, too crabby, too funny, perfect, too cloudy, too fishy--(gasps) wait a minute, go back go back. Ooh hee hee, look what we have here: Never Land, the most perfect place to live. Hey, that just gives me an idea: if we take over Never Land, then we would be kings of the Never World, then Grandpa will be proud of us.


Captain Hook: Oh there's nothing like a comfy little bed to sleep, and to look out window and... What? (gasps) What is that mad little scientist pest doing?

🎶Mechanical Island🎶

Romeo (singing): Kings are best guys around that's we all say, but now that I, Romeo did victory to say "hooray"!

Mechanical Background Singing: All hail the genius! All hail the genius! All hail the genius! All hail! All hail the genius! All hail the genius! All hail!

Romeo (singing): I can't believe this just happened in all of my life. Now that I'm king, and Grandpa will be so happy, oh my.

Captain Hook: (gasps) Oh my!

Mechanical Background Singing: All hail the genius! All hail the genius! All hail!

Romeo: Everybody sing!

Everybody (singing): All hail the genius! All hail the genius! All hail! All hail the genius! All hail the genius! All hail!

song ended

Mr. Smee: (yawning) Evening Cap'n! What's... (muffling)

Captain Hook: Shh, shh, not so loud, Smee! They'll hear us.

Sharky & Bones: You mean Doctor Undergear?

Captain Hook: That's not Doctor Grumpy-Pants.

Mr. Smee: Then what's with the machines?

Captain Hook: 'Cause that kid is the grandson, of the mad doctor and my former partner of the Legion of Pirate Villains, Undergear!

Tic Toc Croc: Yum Yum.

Romeo: What's this? Crab Bot!

(mechanical claw snap)

Tic Toc Croc: (whining)

Everyone: (gasp)

Romeo: (chuckling) That's more like it. Now come along boys, let us celebrate the birth of "Romeo's Mechanical Island"!

Captain Hook: (whispering) We need to tell the poppinjays!

Everyone: (whispering) Aye aye, Cap'n!

30 Minutes Later

Captain Hook: And that's the last time we ever saw Never Land. Why that little croc snack!

Gekko: Don't worry, Hook. We'll stop Romeo if it's the last thing we do!

Captain Jake: Yo ho, let's go save Never land.

🎶Set Sail With Captain Jake🎶

Everyone: Yo ho, let's go! x2 All aboard! On our way. Captain Jake, lead the way.

Captain Jake: Come on crew. I'm callin' you!

Everyone: We're with you the way.

Captain Jake: Band together pirate mates,

Everyone: And anchors away! We'll set sail, with Captain Jake today! Yo ho Captain Jake!


Doctor Undergear: Now, this is a rip-roarin'-gear-greaser. Huh? Captain Jake? What's he up to? Come my mechanical minions, we've got work to do.

15 Minutes Later

Romeo: Woo hoo! That's it my crabs. Keep smashing and thrashing and crashing!

Robo Bird: (mechanical tweeting)

Romeo: What is it Robo Bird?

Robo Bird: (mechanical tweeting)

Romeo: Ah ha! If it isn't Captain Mess Up Fun Time. I think it's time we give them a surprising welcome.

Captain Jake: Eyes peel mateys! Looks like Romeo's not going to be happy to see us.

(Everyone screams as the trap closes)

Romeo: Not so fast, trespassing fools! I'm more to see you stuck.

Catboy: Romeo, we're here to take Never Land back.

Romeo: There's no more Never Land. Only Romeo's Mechanical Island! (evil laughter)

Izzy: We'll see about that! Pixie dust... (mechanical claw snap) No way! My pixie dust!

Romeo: Interference...I hate interference! Shark Ship, take our the scrap heap!

Doctor Undergear: Wait a clockwork minute, everyone!

Everyone: Undergear?!

Romeo: Grandpa?

Doctor Undergear: Romeo, look what you've really done with the island. How fancy! I am so proud of you, grandson.

Romeo: I know. I thought you like it, cause I thought me and my pets could live next to you.

Captain Hook: Why would you even think about that?

Romeo: Because my grandpa always lives alone with his pets, so why not be his neighbors?

Doctor Undergear: But Romeo, I already have the best life, and it's you, my pets, and your pets, and I'll always love you, forever.

Everyone: Aww!

Romeo: Gee, thanks Grandpa! I didn't know what I got myself into.

Doctor Undergear: Oh grandson, you got yourself the most unforgettable place, in my heart. Now let's go Gear Island and have a little sail around the Never sea.

Skully: Uhh? Guys? Can't you get us unstuck?

The End