Sea Minotaur

The Sea Minotaur is a giant half merman and half Minotaur that roamed Disney Junior Island spreading disharmony among all pirates and princesses with his magical horn's sounds. He feeds off the pirates' and princesses' negative energies to make his strength and magic more powerful with the intention of conquering not only Disney Junior Island but all of land and sea. He was then banished by Ariel's father, King Triton to the dark cavern in the deepest trench, where surmised he would do no harm since there would be no magic in that place. Unaware that later, Kwazii (the only pirate who wasn't affected) and Pearl the Lothea would help bring restore peace between pirates and princesses by finding three magical items of air, sea, and land: the Harp of Serenity, the Sword of Sacrifice, and the Feather of Friendship.