Seeing Double! is the 26th episode of Season 6.

Summary Edit

Sofia's troublesome clone, Sofia the Worst returns to make more trouble and this time, she's got her eyes set on Kwazii. So she decides to trick him into getting some valuable stuff for her by flirting with him, but that wasn't until Kwazii realizes that she is not the real Sofia before getting the last artifact from the museum. So it's up to him to stop Sofia the Worst and return the stuff that he stole for her, but he'll have to play by her own game by using his duplication power!

Plot Edit

The episode begins at

Trivia Edit

  • The scene where Kwazii and the Octonauts have spaghetti for dinner and when Kwazii screams in based on the scene from the Ed, Edd, n Eddy episode Tight End Ed.

Transcript Edit

(Back at the Octopod, the Octonauts are eating the Vegimals' famous kelp spaghetti. While everyone twirls a forkful and eats, Peso pokes the spaghetti with his fork.)

Captain Barnacles: Um, Peso. You're not eating, is everything alright?

Peso: (raising his fork and snaps back to reality) Huh? Oh, I'm fine Captain. I'm just worried about Kwazii. It's not like him to be late for dinner.

Captain Barnacles: Well, you know Kwazii. Always caught up with something. I wonder where he could be. [The Octo-Hatch opens and Kwazii jumps out of it, sweaty and nervous. He walks to the table. Kwazii takes a seat between his friends, silent and scared.] Kwazii, where've you been?

(Kwazii sweats.)

Shellington: Um, hungry Kwazii? (Kwazii is still sweating while Shellington carries a plate over.) Here, have some of Tunip's famous kelp spaghetti. It's almost as good as regular spaghetti.

[Kwazii uses his levitation powers to lift the plate and he leans forward and then eats it all up like a pig. He then sits in the bench, sweating profusely and burps quietly.]

Captain Barnacles: (concerned) So um, Kwazii. What did Sofia tell you while me and Peso were playing soccer with Jake.

Kwazii: (begins to talk but then keeps himself silent)

Peso: Don't worry Kwazii. We won't be upset, just tell us.

(Kwazii shook his head and still has his mouth shut tight)

Captain Barnacles: Kwazii. Don't keep it to yourself. Just tell us, what did Sofia tell you about out of the soccer field?

(Kwazii begins to sweat uncontrollably and suddenly, his blue whale charm begins to glow which means he is about perform his super sonic scream again.)

Kwazii: (in a loud sonic voice) "I SWORE, CAPTAIN! BIG SECRET! SOFIA SAID SO!!!" (Kwazii clamps his paws over his mouth as the Octonauts are blown away and crash onto the wall, covered in spaghetti.)

Octonauts and Vegimals: (moans)

Captain Barnacles: Kwazii! How many times do we have to tell you to stop doing that?

Kwazii: Oh um... Sorry guys.

Peso and Captain Barnacles: [in tandem] "Since when does Kwazii shower?"

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