The Shark Ship and Crab Bots are Romeo's favorite mechanical pets ever since Doctor Undergear have built them to keep him company.

Trivia Edit

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  • The Shark Ship and Crab Bots made their debut in Romeo Undergear with Robo Bird in the workshop bedroom look alike.
  • They first meet their master in The Days Where The Villains Rise.
  • They reappeared in Atlantic: Romeo's Colossal Corruption by helping their master sinking the Mighty Colossus.
  • They reappeared again in All Aboard the Steamtrunk with Doctor Undergear in his Crab Tank along with the other Shark Ship and Crab Bots in the battle for the Steamtrunk.
  • They reappeared once again in Romeo's Mechanical Island while helping their master taking over the whole entire Never Land.
  • Romeo's Shark Ship is a shark alike pirate ship has powerful jaws that it can salvage pirate ships.
  • Romeo's Crab Bots are two giant robot crabs that have giant mechanism claws so it can wreck and pick up interesting salvaged boat ship parts.

Appearances Edit

  • Romeo Undergear (debut)
  • Atlantic: Romeo's Colossal Corruption
  • All Aboard the Steamtrunk
  • Romeo's Mechanical Island
  • It's Our Club Now!
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Undergear Undercover