Shujaa the Baby Zebra is the 39th episode of Season 13. 
Connor and Shujaa the Baby Zebra

Summary Edit

Connor and the Lion Guard try to help the Muhimu think of a perfect name for her newborn baby zebra foal, but when he once again saves his mother from the hyenas, they decide to call him Shujaa, which means "hero."

Plot Edit

The episode begins in the Pridelands where Connor has arrived to find the Lion Guard with herd of zebras. Confused, Connor walks up to Kion and tells him that he's here but he doesn't know why he was called here.

Just then, Kion moves out of the way for the baby zebra foal to run towards Connor and tackles him onto the ground, with his eyes looking playful as he was happy to find a human in the Pridelands to play with. Laughing, Connor picks himself up and pets the baby zebra's mane as Bunga explains that he was born when he and the Lion Guard where guiding the zebra and gazelle herd from the Outlands to the grazing grounds to find more grass to eat. Even more confused, Connor still didn't know why he was here as Kion explains that Muhimu needs help choosing which name she should use for her son, besides Bunga Jr. (a name that Bunga suggested that they should name him) and Baby.

Brightening up, Connor comes up with an idea! He can walk around the Pridelands while thinking of good names for Muhimu's son by looking at him or other things around the Pridelands. Kion quickly likes the plan and he and the Lion Guard, along with Muhimu's son, come along with him. As they began their name searching journey, Connor tried to work his brain out for good names like; Stripes, Ziggy, Zaggy, Zig-Zag, Zap, Hooves, Leaves, Droplet, Grassy, Maze, Labyrinth, Obstacle, Rocky, Speedy, and even Zuka. But none of those names work for that the baby zebra disliked them all.

After walking in the Pridelands for three hours, Connor, the Lion Guards, and the baby zebra were both exhausted from their walk, but mostly it was Fuli whose paws were aching from their long walk. So all of them decide to take a break. Just then, Connor hears the zebra herd neighing in panic and Ono flies up to see that Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu trying to herd the zebras to the Outlands again!

Villain Motoves Edit

  • Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu: To herd the zebras into the Outlands

Trivia Edit

  • Muhimu's son gets his name from saving her from the hyenas.

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