Sleepwalking Beauty is the 41st episode of Season 8.

Summary Edit

Dreamy is sleepwalking at night and stealing everyone's pillows. Sofia and the gang now must help the Palace Pets stop her and return the pillows before sunrise.

Plot Edit

The episode begins at night in Sofia's bedroom where Sofia and her bunny friend, Clover, are sleeping in bed, just when something downstairs woke both of them up. Glancing at each other, Sofia and Clover decide to go down and check out who or what is was.

Grabbing a pillow for protection, Sofia and Clover snuck out of the bedroom when suddenly, Clover hears snoring! They then walk towards Amber's room where they peeked into a creek of the door and finds a small shadowy figure, slowly pulling a pillow out underneath Amber's head. After it got the pillow, it was ready to walk out of the bedroom as Sofia readied her pillow to whack it and get Amber's pillow back. But before she could, the moonlight shined on the figure to reveal... Dreamy, Aurora's pet kitty cat!

Relieved to see that it is only Dreamy, Clover walks up to the sleepy kitten and asks her if she knew what time it was, but she responded with a snore, and took Sofia's pillow.

Dreamy then walks out of the castle through a window window with Sofia calling out for Dreamy to stop, but Dreamy doesn't listen and continues walking off with her back full of pillows. Sofia and Clover decide that they must get their friend, Kwazii, to help. After Dreamy leaves, Sofia and Clover head to Starlight Beach where Sofia transforms herself into a mermaid and swims to the Octopod to wake up Kwazii and tell him that Dreamy is sleepwalking and stealing pillows at the same time.

Powers that Kwazii uses Edit

Trivia Edit

Transcript Edit

Dreamy (Narrating): Sleepwalking Beauty.

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