Soaring Over Summer 2 is the 5th episode of Season 14.

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Summer has finally arrived, and to celebrate, Captain Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, and Kwazii explore with Cuckoonuts, Papayaks, and Porcupineapples from the Tasty Tundra in the Fantasy Forest, Miles and Loretta teach the Star Darlings how to use Galactech, the Octonauts head back to the Amazon to spend their vacation there, Doc is learning to use her new powers at the Toy Hospital, Sofia has at least 5 stories from the Secret Library to complete, Sheriff Callie is trying to learn new lasso tricks, and the PJ Masks and their families are going on a magical cruise together.

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The episode begins at

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Kwazii (Narrating): Soaring Over Summer 2.