This article focuses on the relationship with Sofia and Romeo.

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Sofia and Romeo have a relationship that is like Aviva and Zach Varmitech's. Ever since Sofia, along with her friends won a chance to visit Weirdwood Manor, Romeo got jealous and therefore developed a rivalry with Sofia.

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Lightning Leopard Racer Edit

Romeo and his Robot overheard Sofia inventing something that would outrun a lightning leopard. He then decides to challenge her and Blear to a race around the Fantasy Forest's savannah realm with his Radical Romeo Racer (RRR) to prove that he was a way better inventor than Sofia.

As he said this, Sofia accepts the challenge and the two share a rival stare. Later, after finishing their racing vehicles, Sofia and Romeo head to the starting line but before the race started, they called each other names like Cat Lover (Sofia) and Polluter (Romeo).

After the race, Blear the lightning leopard beats Sofia and won but Romeo demands a rematch before he and Robot left the scenery, ending the episode.

Romeo Creature Power! Edit

While Sofia was sleeping on her reading nook after working on a new power disc, one part of Romeo's goggles steals her magical creature power disc making kit, the tools, and the power discs just so Romeo could use the discs for his robotic versions of the Fantasy Forest animals. He only stole them because he was jealous of Sofia and her friends winning a chance for a trip Weirdwood Manor and thinks that he should've been the one who won the trip.

So to get his revenge on the princess, Romeo has built the Robo-Fantasy Forest animals to attack her and her friends. But luckily, the PJ Masks, Kwazii, Captain Jake, and Sofia worked together to defeat the robots and manage to get the kit, tools, and power discs back from Romeo, who was enraged and fled.

Liturjakese Kwaztorrium Edit

When Sofia returned to her normal size, Romeo surprisingly appears behind her and snatched the Amulet of Avalor off her neck. But Sofia quickly grabs the chains as she and Romeo began fighting over it and Sofia asks how the amulet is Romeo's. Romeo explains that he's Romeo, and that "a new magical animal species was named after him, Romeus Glorious!" Annoyed, Sofia scolds to Romeo that he made up that scientific name and that it was against the rules of science to name a new species after yourself.

Unfortunately, Romeo didn't care as he and Sofia continued to play tug a war with the Amulet of Avalor to see who can get it first.

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