A list of the songs that have appeared in Disney Junior: The Animated Series.

1.Everybody Likes Him More Than Me!: by JakeEdit

Episode (Movie) : Noonbory and Kwazii: The Secret of Courage

2.Friendship is the True Treasure!: by Jake and KwaziiEdit

Episode (Movie) : The Best Summer Party Ever!

3.To Be a Prince!: by Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, and PesoEdit

Episode (Movie) : Kwazii-rella

4.We Can Shine!: by Kwazii, Captain Barnacles, and PesoEdit

Episode (Movie) : The Octonaut Stars

5.True Friends!: by Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, and PesoEdit

Episode (Movie) : The Gems of Friendship!

6. Make Way For Captain Hook Jr.! CHJ!: by Captain Hook, Sharky, Bones, and JakeEdit

Episode (Movie) : Captain Hook's Son

7. My Secret Plan!: by CedricEdit

Episode (Movie) : Cedric's Secret Plan

8. No One Is More Special Than You!: by Sofia, Kwazii, and VivianEdit

Episode (Movie) : Princess Vivian Returns

10. Pirate Things!: by Kwazii, Jake, and Other CharactersEdit

Episode (Movie) : The First Flying Pirate

11. Purr-fect Slumber Party: by Ruby, Kwazii, and Ruby's FriendsEdit

Episode (Movie) : The Purr-fect Slumber Party

12. Set Sail for Spring: by Kwazii, Jake, and SofiaEdit

Episode (Movie): Let's Swing Into Spring

13.A Springtime Dilemma!: by KwaziiEdit

Episode (Movie) : A Springtime Dilemma

14. Blue Ribbon Triggerfish: by Trixie the Triggerfish, Kwazii, Pete the Parrotfish, Dina the Sardine, and the Baby DolphinEdit

Episode (Movie) : Blue Ribbon Triggerfish

15. You Can Always Count On Inkling!: by Kwazii and the OctonautsEdit

Episode (Movie) : Inkling's Day-off

16. Yo Ho, Happy Birthday Kwazii!: by Sharky and Bones Edit

Episode (Movie) : Kwazii's Special Birthday Surprise!

16. Be Who You Wanna Be: by Jake, Sofia, Kwazii, and Other CharactersEdit

Episode (Movie) : Pirate and Princess Summer!

17. She's Just a Bad, Bad Witch: by Jake, Sofia, and KwaziiEdit

Episode (Movie) : Fighting Magic With Magic!

18. That Flirty, Snobby Princess: by SofiaEdit

Episode (Movie) : The Flirty, Snobby Princess

19. The Rainbow Stone: by Kwazii, Sofia, and JakeEdit

Episode (Movie) : The Rainbow Stone Rescue

20. I'll Get My/That Bracelet: by Kwazii and UrsulaEdit

Episode (Movie) : The Octonauts and the Ocean Pearl Bracelet

21. I Wish I Had His/Her Life: by Kwazii and SofiaEdit

Episode (Movie) : Prince Kwazii and Pirate Sofia!

22. I Wish I Had My Life Back: by Kwazii and SofiaEdit

Episode (Movie) : Prince Kwazii and Pirate Sofia!

23. Make It Right: by Sofia and KwaziiEdit

Episode (Movie) : Peck the Bragger

24. Stop the Crows: by Sheriff Callie, Sofia, and Friends Edit

Episode (Movie) : Vampire Crows!

25. A Pinch of Love!: by Peck and Sofia Edit

Episode (Movie): Callie Valentine's Day!

26. Mermaid Pearl Power: by Sheriff Callie, Queen Coralie, and Friends Edit

Episode (Movie) : The Callie Mermaid

27. Power of Me!: By Jake and Sofia Edit

Episode (Movie) : Battle of the Summer Parties

28. Let It Go!: by Elsa Edit

Episode (Movie) : Going Frozen!

29. Come On, Let's Build a Snowman!: by Little AnnaEdit

Episode (Movie) : Littlest Frozen

30. Riding On the Waves!: by Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, and Peso Edit

Episode (Movie) : The Music Video

31. Smile You Can't Erase: by Samantha Lombardi Edit

Episode (Movie) : Catboy the Lover Kitty

32. Put It All Aside: by CatboyEdit

Episode (Movie) : Catboy Got Your Back

33. Party Animal: by the Fresh Beat Band Edit

Episode (Movie) : Candy of the Vampire

34. Once Upon a Time...: by KwaziiEdit

Episode (Movie) : Queen Evie and the Four Robin Hoods

35. A Disney Christmas!: by Luna Girl, The Descendants, and the Disney Junior ClubEdit

Episode (Movie) : Magical Creature Christmas Rescue

36. Connor's Lament: by ConnorEdit

Episode (Movie) : Of Lions and Poachers

37. Sisi Ni Sawa feat. Connor: by Connor, Kion, and JasiriEdit

Episode (Movie) : A Fine Spotted Friend

38. Every Night's An Adventure!: by Catboy and RomeoEdit

Episode (Movie) : Catboy and Romeo's Great Adventure

39. Bamboons!: by OwletteEdit

Episode (Movie) : Owlette and the Bamboon

40. Humans Under All: by Zira and CatboyEdit

Episode (Movie) : Catboy VS the Outsiders

41. The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers: by Tigger Edit

Episode (Movie): The Anti Lion Guard: Part 2

42. You've Never Had a Friend Like Me: by Kion and Tigger Edit

Episode (Movie): The Anti Lion Guard: Part 2

43. It's Our Club Now!: by Romeo and co. Edit

Episode (Movie): It's Our Club Now!

44. Mechanical Island: by Romeo Edit

Episode (Movie): Romeo's Mechanical Island

45. Set Sail With Captain Jake: by Captain Jake and Friends Edit

Episode (Movie): Romeo's Mechanical Island

46. Bring Back a Legend: by Captain Drake and Romeo Edit

Episode (Movie): The Rise of Chernabog

47. I Have a Plan!: by Captain Drake, Romeo, and Chernabog Edit

Episode (Movie): Darkness Rules All!

48. No Runnin' Away!: by Captain Jake and Kwazii Edit

Episode (Movie): Darkness Rules All!

49. What's My Name: by Uma, Captain Drake, Negaduck, and Romeo Edit

Episode (Movie): A New Evil Team and Wet Leader

50. My Starry Secret: by Miles Callisto Edit

Episode (Movie) : The Secret In Our Stars

51. So Purr-fect!: by CatgirlEdit

Episode (Movie): Our Date With Catgirl

52. Break the Ice: by Rockstar Catboy, Captain Barnacles, Peso, and TweakEdit

Episode (Movie): Rockstar Catboy

53. No Matter What: by CatboyEdit

Episode (Movie): Rockstar Catboy

54. We're Gonna Run This Dump: by Scroop Edit

55. The Worst Villain We Know: by Romeo, Night Ninja, and Robot Edit

Episode (Movie) : Rescue On The Moon!

56. Harmony on the High Seas: by KwaziiEdit

Episode (Movie) : Hook in Harmony

I Can Be Good!: by Luna GirlEdit

Episode (Movie) : Light and Airy


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