Star Daring is the 19th episode of Season 13. 
Leona Rides Golden Dash The Goldscale!

Leona and Golden Dash

Summary Edit

Leona is challenged by Scarlet to ride on the back of a legendary golden dragon of the Fantasy Forest called a Goldscale.

Plot Edit

The episode begins in Leona and Scarlet's dorm room where Leona and Scarlet have invited their Star Darling friends for a weekend sleepover party with snacks, music, and games. They then play a sleepover game on Wishworld called Truth or Dare, where the person has to tell the truth if they choose Truth or do a daring dare if they choose Dare.

Powers that Kwazii usesEdit

  • Super Sight (to see Leona riding on the Goldscale)
  • Aqua Wings (to fly towards Leona and Golden Dash)
  • Magic Rope (to lasso the Goldscale, but he misses)
  • Magical Animal Communication (to talk to the Goldscale)

Trivia Edit

  • Leona meets Golden Dash for the first time.

Transcript Edit

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