Step Izzy is the 19th episode of Season 8.

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Izzy pretends to be Sharky's daughter so he could get in the Father Bolt Brotherhood. Soon, Sharky learns that he's not the only pirate when Captain Flynn tells him that he told a lie about Bones pretending to be his son.

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The episode begins at the Fantasy Forest Lake where Izzy, Cubby, and Jake were swimming and splashing together. When suddenly, Izzy spots Wendell Fidget, Elliot, Amy, and Kurt snatch Jake's, Cubby's, and her clothes from the tree branches then used them to test out their new catapult they built together. Kurt then cuts the rope and sends the clothes, and Izzy's pixie dust pouch, flying into the air!

Furious, Izzy swam to shore to retrieve the boys’ clothes, her clothes, and her pouch of pixie dust. Meanwhile, on the other side of Disney Junior Island, Zeus, King Trident, Goofy, and Sharky were having their Father Bolt Brotherhood meeting as they were talking about the bravest things their sons and daughters did many years ago.

When Goofy, King Trident, and Zeus were done telling their stories, they all turned to Sharky and waited for him to tell them a story about his bravest child's adventures. Nervously, Sharky spluttered and tried to make up a perfect story but Goofy asked him if he does have a kid just when Zeus guessed that Sharky doesn't have a son or daughter of his own. Then, as he said that, Goofy, Zeus, and King Triton all laughed at Sharky together.

Sharky felt hurt and ran off in tears as the laughter behind him faded away. Meanwhile, outside of the Fantasy Forest, Izzy was having trouble trying to get her clothes and pixie dust pouch down from a tree. But she fell on her behind and wished that she still had her pixie dust with her so she can fly up and get her clothes down. Too bad it was catapulted along with her and her friends' clothes by Wendell and his friends.

Suddenly, she heard and saw Sharky crying and crash right onto a tree. Izzy rushes to Sharky and helped him up. Then, as she asked Sharky if he was okay, Sharky sniffles and responds that he will be alright after he calms down, then asked Izzy what she was doing way out of the Fantasy Forest. With an irritated and angry scowl, Izzy explains to Sharky that Wendell, Elliot, Amy, and Kurt from Hexley Hall have used a catapult to catapult her pixie dust and her and her friends' clothes up onto a tree that she was trying to climb up as she pointed a finger up to the branch they were hanging from.

Looking up, Sharky decides to help Izzy get her and her friends' clothes and her pixie dust down since he is an expert climber. Sharky climbed up the tree while Izzy rode on his shoulders and grabbed her pixie dust pouch, then opening it, she sprinkles some of the dust on her and her friends' clothes so they can fly towards her and she grabs them as Sharky slid down slowly and the two landed safely on the ground.

After getting the clothes and pixie dust pouch down, Izzy thanks Sharky for helping her as she begins putting her clothes and shoes back on. Sharky replies with a smile that she is very welcome and Izzy responds back that they make a great team, which Sharky agrees with and says that they could almost be related, leaving him to come up with an idea. When Izzy, who puts her pixie dust pouch around her neck, she asked Sharky if there's anything she can do to return the favor to show her thanks, and thinking, Sharky tells her that there is one thing she can do for him.

Later at Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse where Goofy, Zeus, and King Triton are playing with the ouija board, Goofy answers with a questioning reply "Daughter? Really?" when Sharky with Izzy riding on his shoulders arrived. Nodding and looking up at Izzy, Sharky tells the Father Bolts that Izzy is his "daughter", as Izzy greets them.

But King Triton skeptically asks "That pint-sized pirate girl? From your gene pool?", and scoffs as he tells Sharky that he will believe it when he sees and hears it. Sharky ignores Triton's scoff and replies that Izzy being his daughter is very shocking, which is he "and Izzy" have decided to keep it a secret until today.

The other Father Bolt members huddled and whispered questions and doubtful answers to each other. As they broke apart, Zeus commands Sharky that the Father Bolts requests him to prove that Izzy is his daughter. Looking down, Sharky lets Izzy down and together, the two played the ouija board. As they played, Sharky asks the ouija board in a universal tone who his daughter is. Then, he and Izzy both opened one eye to each other, thinking of the same thing; they moved the planchette to the four letters, I, stayed on the Z for two sends, and then they moved it to the Y, which spelled Izzy's name.

Sharky points to the ouija board to Goofy, Zeus, and King Triton to show them that it said that Izzy is his daughter. That left all three of them were in awe and Goofy acclaimed to Sharky that he really does have a kid of his own, leaving Sharky to glow with pride. King Triton then asks Sharky if he and Izzy can hang around with him, Goofy, and Zeus as Goofy agrees and replies that they could make Izzy a junior Father Bolt (even though boys are supposed to be junior Father Bolts, but Izzy will be the first girl to become a junior Father Bolt). Sharky accepts the invite as he and Izzy placed their hands on each others' shoulders, and shared a secret smile.

A montage is shown with Izzy, Sharky, Goofy, Zeus, and King Triton playing archery, eating and drinking junk food, jumping up and down a trampoline, eating and drinking junk food the second time, water skiing, eating and drinking junk food for the third time, skydiving, dirt biking, kayaking down a strong river, and rocket powered car driving in the desert!

After all of the Fatherbolt fun, the Fatherbolts, Izzy, and Sharky decide to do one more thing. One thing that little kids are good at: pranks!

Izzy knocks on the door of Captain Flynn's dock door on his ship, the Barracuda, and just then Captain Flynn's voice called as his footsteps were being heard, meaning he was coming. Quickly, Izzy and the Fatherbolts hid while trying to stifle their giggling. Flynn looked around but found no one, so he just shrugged and went back into his captain's cabin. As he went back inside, Izzy went to his door the second time and knocked on it again, then ran to hide again.

Captain Flynn looked around for someone who knocked on his door the second time, then scratched his head with one finger, looking confused as he shrugged and went back inside, but then someone knocks on the door a third time.

When he opens it, he expects nobody to be there, and is about to break into a lecture when a lightning bolt zaps his head. Annoyed, Captain Flynn shuts the door and heads downstairs, but someone knocks again the fourth time. This time, Captain Flynn is prepared to look up to make sure nothing falls on him or zaps him, and is therefore quite surprised when a fish hits him from beneath his chin. Soggy and stinky, Captain Flynn heads downstairs again, and of course, someone knocks the fifth time.

This time, he caught someone who was knocking on his door and finds Izzy, frozen on her spot before she could make a run for it.

Captain Flynn then had a funny feeling that someone had put Izzy into this as he finds Sharky and the Fatherbolts snickering behind a rock.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is similar to Step Clam from Camp Lazlo, only different.
  • This episode reveals that there's a special club formed by Zeus, Goofy, and King Triton called the Father Bolts.
    • Apparently, you need to have a son/daughter in order to actually join the club. There doesn't seem to be much to it anyway: all the men really seem to do is talk about the bravest actions and adventures of their children.
  • While Clam pretended to be Nina's little brother, Izzy only pretended to be Sharky's daughter in this episode.

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Izzy (Narrating): Step Izzy.