Sultry Syndrome is the 13th episode of Season 15. 
Dreamy flirts with Sultan

Summary Edit

Dreamy comes down with a strange and unusual syndrome that causes her to become flirtatious and seductive with the boy Palace Pets. Soon, every girl Palace Pet catches it but not the tomboyish girl Palace Pets who are unaffected by it and the Disney Junior Club will do anything to help them find the cure.

Plot Edit

The episode begins at Whisker Haven where in Dreamy is still in her bedroom asleep. As she started waking up, Dreamy stretched her body and yawned but something was wrong with her. Dreamy's eyelids were a deep shade of pink as she hopped off her bed. At breakfast, all the Palace Pets were eating when Dreamy arrived, catwalking into the dining room, still having that strange look on her face. Then, she sat right next to Sultan, who was helping himself to some seconds. Sultan stops eating just to say good morning to Dreamy, and to let out a loud burp! As he excused himself, Sultan apologizes to Dreamy and was afraid that she would be mad at him, but instead, Dreamy giggled and forgave Sultan by talking in an unusual seductive tone of voice and casting a sultry stare at him. That kinda weirded Sultan out as he continued to finish his breakfast while trying to ignore his friend’s unusual behavior. However, after breakfast, Dreamy was still acting weird towards Sultan as if she was flirting with him. Miss Featherbon was getting worried by Dreamy's strange behavior, so she decides to call their friends from Disney Junior Island.

At the Disney Junior Town Soccer Field, Kwazii, Sofia, Captain Jake, Izzy, Cubby, and Skully are playing soccer, although Kwazii was showing off his new soccer ball kicking tricks. Captain Jake shouts to him to quit showing off and pass the ball already as Kwazii finishes off his last trick and kicks the ball to his friend, who then passes it to Sofia, and she was about to pass it to either Izzy or Cubby when she heard her iDisney ring in her bag. The game stops as Sofia goes to her bag to pick up her iDisney just to get a call from Ms. Featherbon, who sounded concerned and worried. When Sofia asks what was wrong, Ms. Featherbon explains to her and her friends about Dreamy’s strange and unusual behavior. And what’s even stranger is that she is only interested in being with Sultan. The Palace Pets need the Disney Junior Club at Whisker Haven right away.

Powers that Kwazii uses Edit

  • Magic Portal
  • Super Sight
  • Super Hearing
  • Aqua Wings
  • Voice Changing
  • Sports Magic
  • Art Magic
  • Cooking and Baking Magic
  • Magical Music

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