The Anti Lion Guard (Part 1) is the 34th episode of the 20th season.

Summary Edit

When Makuu wants to take over the Pride Lands, he decides to form a team of the most evil animals, Janja, Reirei, Mzingo, and Ushari.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Janja, Cheezi, Chungu, Mosi, and Sefu chasing a herd of antelopes, just then Janja is grabbed by a mysterious shadow. Confused, his clan start looking for him, as Makuu is making everything according to plan. Meanwhile, Reirei, Mzingo and Ushari are caught by the mysterious shadow as well as Janja.

When they wake up in Lake Matope, they are confronted by Makuu to join his team called the Anti Lion Guard, and they agree to help him take over Pride Rock.

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  • Meanwhile (x5)
  • Later
  • Thirty Minutes Later
  • Later That Same Day

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(Narrating): The Anti Lion Guard: Part 1.

Janja: Come on boys! It's lunch time, and I'm starving.

Cheezi: We're always starving.

Chungu: You can say that again.

Janja: Whoa!

Cheezi: (gasps) J-J-Janja?

(both): Janja?!

Makuu: Hmm hmm hmm. 1 down, 3 to go.


Reirei: Oh my goodness.

Goigoi: (snoring) What? Huh?

Reirei: Goigoi, what's with you and you're snoring? We're jackals. We're suppose to eat other animals. Now go wait for me outside.

Goigoi: Whatever you say, dear.

(rocks crumbling)

Reirei: What's this? More lazy jackals, not doing their work? I have rules on some sort of this disobedie... Whoa!

Goigoi: Huh? Oh no!

Makuu: Oh ho ho ho ho. 2 down, 2 to go.


Mzingo: Fellow vultures of the century... we are gathered here today, to celebrate ourselves with a feast.

Mwoga: This is going to be the greatest dinner ever! Don't you agree Mzingo? Mzingo? Quick! Everyone, split up and look.

Makuu: (chuckling) 3 down, 1 to go.


Ushari: That's it! Keep up the good work, my children. These dens aren't going to built themselves you know.

Young Cobra #1: We know, dad.

Ushari: Ow! What the? A baobab fruit? Wait until I get to the bottom of... (screaming)

(everyone gasping)

Young Cobra #1: Dad?

Makuu: (evil laughing)

(Later) in the outback meatball snoring Danny meatball stop being lazy and start working Chauncey hey danny meatball is just tired Danny oh really Chauncey Attila yeah no kidding calamity I’m builing my inveltion butch I’m panting daisy I’m filling my nails rocks rumble Danny what now (screaming) everyone (gasping) meatball Danny Makuu (evil laughter) in the hundred acre woods Stan ok this time where going to steal honey heff Jeff okay Stan I’m hungry let’s eat Stan ow a coconut heff a coconut both (screaming) Makuu (evil laughter)

Ushari: Whoa!!!! Ow! Boy that hurts.

Reirei: What in the... Who did this?

Janja: Ugh! Where am I?

Mzingo: My word. It's to dark in here. I can't see a thing. Danny me neither Stan and heff we cant see nothing

Everyone: Ow!

Mzingo: Reirei? I should have know you were behind this.

Reirei: No. My disastrous schemes have no interest in you, manner boy. Or in both of you.

Ushari: Then what is going on around here?

Janja: Well, whatever it is I don't like this, and I got a bad feeling about this place...

Makuu: Oh, what's with all fighting about everyone? We-we're just getting started know each other.

Reirei: Ooh. It's you! The leader of the crocodiles.

Mzingo: Wow! I have seen you're incredible skills, ever since we were young.

Ushari: And you're the one and only mean pridelander Makuu.

Janja: Please. You may choose to kidnap us, but how do you kidnap me? The most greatful hyena ever?

Makuu: I was not expecting you Janja, I wanted Cheezi and Chungu.

Reirei: Oh yes. Those two losers are pretty talented and love the action of danger. Nothin' like you.

Mzingo: Hmm. For once I agree with them. It is pretty true.

Ushari: Oh absolutely. You're just a big old wiener, a play thing for anyone to pick on.

(everyone except Janja laughing)

Janja: Oh really? Well I am legendary, the son of Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, and no one makes plans more cruel than me.

Mzingo: Whoop. Oof!

Ushari: x4 Whoa! (screaming)

Reirei: Ow! (yelpin')

Makuu: On second thoughts everyone, I suppose we could make a member out this coward.

Janja: Indeed. Was there even any doubts?

(everyone except Janja): Yes!

Ushari: Ok Makuu, now that we're all here, what do you want from us?

Makuu: I want rule the entire Pride Lands. (evil laughter)

Reirei: Doesn't everybody?

Makuu: Well it is now with our see if we work together, we can have a team. We can call ourselves the Anti Lion Guard.

Mzingo: Keep...

Reirei: On talking...

Janja: I'm...

Ushari: Listening.

Makuu: All we have to do is find Pride Rock, then take over it. Problem is, it is the home of not other than our enemies.

Everyone: The Lion Guard?!

Mzingo: Those dirty mice with wings.

Reirei: The worthless pests.

Janja: The annoying servants that get in my way.

Ushari: The pain spots in my poison.

Makuu: Yes! These five creatures have been big trouble, but they will no longer stand in our way. Not if we...

Janja: Band together...

Reirei: As a single force...

Mzingo: Then we'll take down the Lion Guard...

Ushari: If it's the last thing we ever do.

Makuu: Great. Now follow me, Anti Lion Guard, as I reveal my most evil plan ever!


Kion: (sighs) Sure is a lovely night.

Jasiri: Yeah. So, Kion, I was wondering since we spend time with the rest of the guard, it sure is good spending time with you.

Kion: Gee. Thanks Jasiri. I really appreciate it.

Bunga: They are never this interested with each other before.

Fuli: I know right.

Ono: Well the eye of the beholder has two sets, the way of seeing things one way and the way of love.

Beshte: How ever knew these could be parents someday.

Makuu: Alright, Operation: Take the Pride Lands For Ourselves, is a go.

Janja: You got it, boss!

Kion: Okay guys, let's get to patrolling. Til the pride lands end...

Everyone: Lion Guard defend!

Ushari: Are they gone yet?

Mzingo: Yep. They're heading to the cliffs.

Makuu: Perfect. Now Phase 2 is left.

Anti Lion Guard: Let's do this!


Bunga: Wow! Isn't the nighttime, awesome or what?

Beshte: Uhh. I'm gonna have to go with awesome?

(Everyone oofing and groaning)

Kion: Cheezi? Chungu? What are you doin' here?

Cheezi: Sorry to surprise you so Lion Guard, but we were busy searchin' for Janja, we didn't see you comin'.

Fuli: Wait. What do you mean "searching for Janja"?

Chungu: He was mysterious kidnapped by a strange shadow.

Goigoi: Hey, that's what happened to Reirei.

Mwoga: And Mzingo.

Young Cobra #1: And our dad was stolen too.

Kion: Wait. Janja, Reirei, Mzingo, and Ushari were all kidnapped? Something weird is going on. Ono?

Ono: Affirmative.

Kion: In the meantime, all of you better stay with us. 'Til the Pride Lands end...

Everyone: Lion Guard, defend!

30 Minutes Later

Makuu: Perfect! We've got the royal family.

Janja: Yeah, and all it took was a little bit of pouncing and attacking.

Reirei: Now what else is left?

Makuu: Now all that's left is, we need is one of our prisoners here to warn the Lion Guard, so we will give something they will never forget. Send the little one to do it. 'Til the it's the right time...

Anti Lion Guard: Anti Lion Guard, strike! (evil laughing)

Later That Same Day

Kiara: And that's how it happened.

Kion: We're on it. Come on guys.