The Anti Lion Guard: Part 2 is the 35th episode of the 20th season.

Summary Edit

Kion finds himself in the Hundred Acre Wood and meets a tiger, a pig, a bear, a rabbit, and a donkey.

Plot Edit

The episode continues with Kion waking up in a very strange world, where he is pounced by an unfamiliar animal and that he is being followed by two other unfamiliar characters.

Time Cards Edit

  • Later
  • Meanwhile Back at the Pride Lands
  • Meanwhile Back at the Hundred Acre Wood
  • 9:00 A.M.
  • Three Seconds Later
  • Meanwhile
  • Two Minutes Later

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Intro Transcript Edit

Title Card Person (narrating): Previously on our show...

Kion: What's the big idea Janja, what are you up to?

Janja: Oh it's pretty despicable, but I'm not the one doing all of this.

Reirei: He's right it's our leader who's doing this.

Lion Guard: Reirei?!

Mzingo: And let us be a sure you, he's the no. 1 villain in the Pride Lands.

Lion Guard: Mzingo?!

Ushari: And let us be a sure you he's mighty fierce.

Lion Guard: Ushari?!

Janja: Now allow us to introduce him.

Makuu: (evil laughter) A croc's got do, what a croc's gotta do.

Lion Guard: Makuu!

Kion: Whoa whoa. (painful scream)

Makuu: Long live Makuu!

Bunga (screaming): Kion!

Transcript Edit

Kion (Narrating): The Anti Lion Guard: Part 2

Kion: (groaning) What just happened? (gasps) Wow! Where am I? It doesn't look like I'm in the Pridelands anymore. Oof!

Tiger: Oh. I'm so sorry about that.

Kion: Oh. That's ok.

Pig: Yikes! What will we do Pooh? He looks awfully scary.

Pooh: He's not scary, Piglet. 'Cause he's not chasing. Are you really gonna chase us?

Kion: Oh no. I'm friendly. My name's Kion. What's yours?

Pooh: Well this is Piglet, and this is Tigger, and I'm Winnie the Pooh.

Tigger: Hoo hoo hoo. I like you. Only one thing, what's a "Kion"?

Kion: You're sitting on one.

Tigger: Oh. That I am.

Pooh: Say Kion, would it be ok if we show you around the Hundred Acre Wood?

Kion: I guess.

Tigger: Hoo hoo. Don't feel sad new buddy. You're with us now, what you need is some fun in you're springs.

Kion: How do I do that?

Tigger: Well, hoo hoo. He asked for it.

The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers

Tigger: The wonderful thing about tiggers is tiggers are wonderful things their tops are made out of rubber their bottoms are made out of springs they're bouncy trouncy flouncy pouncy fun fun fun fun fun but the most wonderful thing about tiggers is I'm the only one. The wonderful thing about tiggers is tiggers are wonderful chaps they're loaded with vim and with vigor they love to leap in your laps they're jumpy bumpy clumpy thumpy fun fun fun fun fun but the most wonderful things about tiggers is i'm the only one. Tiggers are cuddly fellas tiggers are awfully sweet everyone else is jealous and that's why I repeat. (x2)

Oh the wonderful thing about tiggers is tiggers are wonderful things their tops are made out of rubber their bottoms are made out of springs they're bouncy trouncy flouncy pouncy fun fun fun fun fun but the most wonderful thing about tiggers is i'm the only one. I-I-I'm the only one.

Song End

Pooh: So what do you think?

Kion: Wow! That was awesome!

Tigger: So glad you like it.


Rabbit: (sighs) There's nothing like a nice garden to make a friend very happy.

Eeyore: Wish I was a big help, but I'm not.

Pooh: And that's how we all met each other.

Kion: Wow! That was a pretty nice story.

Tigger: I know right, but nothin's more better than pouncing. (growls)

Rabbit: (screaming)

Tigger: Oh sorry Rabbit. Me, Pooh, and Piglet are just showin' our new friend the 100 acre wood.

Rabbit: How very lovely can't this day get?

Eeyore: Who is this new friend of yours anyway?

Kion: My name's Kion. What are yours?

Rabbit: Oh, I'm Rabbit and this is Eeyore.

Eeyore: Hello.

Pooh: Don't worry about him. (whispers) He's always a bit gloomy.

Kion: Oh.

Meanwhile back at the Pride Lands

Makuu: Here's to the most evilest team ever!

The Anti Lion Guard: To the Anti Lion Guard!

Bunga: (sighs) I can't believe the Circle of Life got destroyed!

Ono: Now what are we going to do?

Meanwhile back at the 100 Acre Wood

Kion: (loud burp)

Tigger: Wooo! Nice one Kion-dude.

Kion: Thanks Tigger-dude. Boy, what a day.

Pooh: I know. I ate like I'm silly. Hm hm.

Kion: Pooh.. You are silly.

Pooh: Oh yeah. Right.

Everyone: (sighing ah)

Tigger: Pooh...

Pooh: Yes, Tigger?

Tigger: Ever wonder what the stars always do up there?

Pooh: Why sure.

Tigger: Oh. What do they do?

Pooh: Well sometimes they make pictures, and sometimes you get to make a wish on them.

Tigger: Wow. I have forgotten about the amazing wonders about that. What do you think they do Kion?

Kion: Well, when I look at the stars, my dad always said that "The great kings of the past look down on us".

Pooh: Cool. I haven't know that.

Tigger: Me neither. I never knew kings could be us down here as well as up there.

Kion: Yeah. It sure is awesome.

Tigger: Was it somethin' we said?

9:00 a.m

Piglet: Oh. Um. Sorry to wake you up Kion, but there's something we wanna tell you.

Kion: What is it? What's wrong?

Tigger: We just found this book, it's called "The Book of the Dimensions"

Rabbit: It says here that "Once the person leaves their dimension, their friends are left in defeated, and the villains put in control."

Kion: What?

Pooh: But can't we stop that from happening!

Rabbit: No Pooh. There are villains who've have already changed Kion's home.

Kion: This...this can't be happening.

Piglet: Oh d-d-dear.

Tigger: Wait. Rabbit, is there anything that says "We can still save Kion's home"?

Rabbit: Well, there is only one way, and that is to go into the book, and stop the villains.

Kion: You mean?

Tigger: That's right Kion. I'm taking you home. Cause when I first met you, I think you could be one of my best friends.

Kion: But Tigger, we are best friends. After all, I've always wanted to see a tiger before.

Pooh: I'm coming too. Good friends should always stick together.

Piglet: Good friends always stick together.

Rabbit: Good friends always stick together.

Eeyore: Good friends always stick together.

Everyone: Good friends always stick together.

3 Seconds Later

Everyone: (Screaming)

Tigger: So, remind me again, why the teleporter is bumpy?

Rabbit: It's always bumpy. Said so in the book!

Everyone: Whoa! Oof!

Kion: Well, this is it.

Pooh: Let's go save the Pride Lands.


Bunga: Here's your fish, your majesty.

Makuu: I'm not eating this.

Fuli: Why not?

Makuu: Aren't you four blind? LOOK AT IT!!!

Beshte: What about it?

Makuu: That fish has a clip on it's fin, and a clip is a hole! I don't like to eat clipped animals.

Bunga: Fine. I'll just rip the fin off.

Makuu: NO, NO! It's contabulated by the bad fish! It won't work.

Ono: Uh huh. Guess that's two things around the Pride Lands that won't work.

Makuu: Then go fix them.

Bunga: That is it! I cannot take this anymore.

(fighting in a dustcloud)

Bunga: Ah!

Makuu: Ha ha. You sly honey badger, that trick was clever but not clever enough. Looks like I'll have something else for lunch.

Bunga: Lunch?

Everyone: No!

Kion: Put the honey badger down, Makuu!

Bunga: Kion? You're alive?

Makuu: So... I see you manage to escape your defeat.

Kion: Yes, and I'm taking back the Pride Lands from you, Makuu.

Makuu: Oh yeah? You and what army?

Tigger: This army.

Makuu: Oh really? We'll see about that! Janja, Reirei, Mzingo, Ushari, get out here!

Kion: This is your last chance Makuu. Get out!

Makuu: Make me.

Kion: Woodland Guard, charge!!!!

Makuu: Anti Lion Guard, charge!!!!

Tigger: (growls)

Janja: Oh!

Eeyore: (kicking his hind legs)

Reirei: Aak!

Piglet: Oh d-d-dear dear. Wait.

Ushari: Looks like a swim is alright for me.

Rabbit: Well enjoy yourself.

Ushari: What?


Ushari: Aah! It's cold! It's cold!

Pooh: You are going down bird!

Mzingo: You're are so right fool. Cause I'll be taking a little snack.

Pooh: No seriously, look.

(bees buzzing)

Mzingo: (gasps then screaming)

Kion: Great job guys.

Makuu: This is not over yet, Kion. Cause you haven't got rid of the leader. (evil laughter)

Tigger: Come on guys! We've gotta help Kion!

Bunga: Come on guys! We've gotta help Kion!

Tigger and Bunga: Oof!

Pooh: Who are you four?

Bunga: I'm Bunga, this is Fuli, this is Ono, and this is Beshte.

Beshte: Who are you?

Pooh: Well this is Piglet, this is Tigger, this is Rabbit, this is Eeyore, and I'm Winnie the Pooh.

Everyone: You know what, it's been a pleasure to meet you guys.

Ono: (gasps) Hapana! Guys, we gotta save Kion.

Bunga: Let's do this!

2 Minutes Later

Makuu: Face it, Kion. You are just not strong enough to take me down.

Kion: A pridelander never gives up, Makuu.

Makuu: Oh, we'll see about that.

(slow motion fight)

Kion: Ah! (gasps)

Tigger: Kion! Fear nothin'!

(slow motion growl)

Makuu: Oh. What? Ah! OW, OW, OW, OW, OW, OW, oof! (groans then growls) You may have won this time, Kion, but next time, I will get you!

Bunga: Zuka Zuma! That was awesome!

Rabbit: We did it!

Tigger: Absa-pos-a-loot-lee! We showed those villains a thing or three.

Fuli: That was the most amazing bravery, coming from a handsome leader himself.

Kion: Well, nobody's perfect.

Tigger: Hoo hoo. I'm so proud of you Kion.

Kion: Thanks, Tigger. You know I couldn't done this without you. You are one of the best of all my friends.

Tigger: And you have the heart of one of the best of all my friends Kion.

You've Never Had a Friend Like Me

The End

Happy Ending #2 Edit

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