Lucky: Okay. Here goes nothing. (shapeshifts into his Catboy form) Okay, I'm ready.

(Kwazii holds out his paw to Lucky and his changes his black color and gray stripes into the same colors as the real Cat Boy)

Lucky: (looks down at his new color) Awesome! How do I look?

Owlbert: Wow! You look just like Cat Boy, Lucky!

Cat Boy: Great! (points the Swapper Zapper ray gun at his face) Now for my next part of the plan.

(But before Catboy could transform himself into Catgirl, Lucky uses his super cat speed and stops right next to Cat Boy to stop him)

Lucky: Wait! Catboy! Are you sure your plan will work? I mean, what if you forget about me being your pet cat?

Catboy: Don't worry, Lucky. Once I'm Catgirl, Kwazii will use his memory powers to store my memories in Catgirl's mind. I'll still remember you once they're in.

Lucky: (sighs) Okay. (hugs Catboy) Be careful, Catboy.

Catboy: (hugs Catboy) I will, Lucky.

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