The Dark Pearl Bracelet is the 36th episode of Season 8. 
Surrounded and Trapped!

Kwazii trapped

Summary Edit

Ursula creates a dark version of Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet with black pearls and evil charms with dark magic powers.

Plot Edit

The episode begins at the Never Sea where Captain Jake, Kwazii Cat, Izzy, Cubby, and Skully were blasting cannonballs onto the targets from the Mighty Colossus. Using his levitation powers, Kwazii lifted the next cannonball into the cannon and as it was in, Captain Jake tells his mateys to cover their ears and he blasts the cannonball out of the cannon and onto the target, which starts to explode colorful confetti!

Meanwhile, under the deepest and darkest depths of the sea, Ursula the Sea Witch was having her beauty sleep when suddenly, the Mighty Colossus's cannons woke her up and she tried blocking the sound by putting some sea pillows over her ears, but it did no good. So enraged, Ursula swims to her magic crystal ball to see what was going on from the surface as she sees Kwazii and Captain Jake and their friends launching cannonballs onto targets for practice.

She then decides to swim up to the surface to shut up the racket and put whoever is keeping her awake to an end!

Powers the Kwazii uses Edit

  • Levitation (to levitate the cannonballs into the cannons)
  • Aqua Spiral (to intercept the Dark Aqua Spiral)
  • Mother Nature's Power (to make some seaweed grow and tangle up Ursula)

Trivia Edit

Transcript Edit

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