The End is Just the Beginning is the 1st episode of Season 5.

Summary Edit

Things have changed since the group has grown up a lot and got and learned new stuff; Doc and her dad made a cool new Doc-Mobile, Cubby's becoming more braver than ever, Izzy's learning to become a famous ballet dancer, Skully is staying with Princess Winger in Sky Bird Island for a few days, the Dalmatian pups have become a famous music trio and got their own music CD, Spot's becoming quite a famous detective, Prince James has joined a fencing club, Princess Amber has joined an all-girls hair, costume, and makeup club, Capt. Barnacles is planning a wedding for him and Tweak, Peso is learning how to sew, Kwazii's becoming a great badminton champion, Jake who got a new video recording camera, has recorded some great videos, and Sofia who got a new digital camera, is becoming a great photographer, but even though things have changed a lot, it's just the beginning.


The episode begins with Kwazii narrating the time passing by in four years since the Disney Junior Club have been growing up and getting or learning new things. Like Doc getting her Doc Mobile built by her and her dad, Cubby becoming more braver even though he still gets a little scared, Izzy joining a ballet class, Skully being in Sky Bird Island for a few days, Lucky, Cadpig, and Rolly are becoming a great music trio after having their first music CD out, Prince James being a captain of the fencing club, Princess Amber joining an all-girls hair, makeup, and costume club, Captain Barnacles and Tweak getting married, Peso learning how to sew, him (Kwazii) becoming an expert badminton player, Jake recording videos with his new video camera, and Princess Sofia learning to take pictures with her new digital camera that she got for her birthday, but the end is just the beginning.

At the Octopod's game pod, Kwazii was playing badminton with a new robot that Tweak invented for him, after her and Captain Barnacles' wedding, just to practice his badminton skills. Just then, Peso and Captain Barnacles arrive to check on Kwazii to see if he was training for the DJ Town's Badminton Competition and they've seen that he is doing really well thanks to Tweak's badminton robot.



Jake (Narrating): The End is Just the Beginning.

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