The Fantasy Forest Masquerade Ball is the 39th episode of Season 11.
Sofia in a fairy ferret costume

Summary Edit

The Disney Junior Club are invited to the Fantasy Forest's first annual masquerade ball this autumn, and Connor has invited the nighttime villains to come along, but his friends aren't sure if that's a good idea.

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The episode begins at the Fantasy Forest where all the magical animals and all the Disney Junior Club members are preparing for their first annual masquerade ball just when Connor, Amaya, and Greg came to check everything out. They were amazed by all the decorations and lights while passing by when Amaya asks Connor if he already handed out the invitations for tomorrow night. Connor replies that he did and he tells them that he even sent some invitations to the night time villains, Romeo, Luna Girl, Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos. Shocked, they ask Connor why he would invite them over. Walking pass them, Connor tells his friends that every now and then, everyone needs a little fun and relaxation, even night time villains. Amaya and Greg were concerned about the night time villains coming to the masquerade ball, but they suppose that they deserve to come tonight. So they follow Connor to Kwazii who is helping Sofia make the costumes and masks. After they were done, Connor delivers the costumes and masks to the three nighttime villains: Romeo gets a Steamtrunk costume and Robot gets a Obsidian Cyclops costume, Luna Girl's costume resembles a Racmoon and her moths get tiny Lunar Moth costumes, and Night Ninja gets a Frightingale costume while his Ninjalinos get the same Dusk Bunny costumes.

Later that night, everyone was at the Fantasy Forest Masquerade Ball, all wearing their costumes and masks. Meanwhile Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, and Captain Jake were waiting for the nighttime villains and their minions to arrive, but it was like they weren't coming. Until, the four friends saw them coming with their new costumes and masks on.

Powers that Kwazii uses Edit

  • Sparkle Shower
  • Sweets Galore
  • Mother Nature's Touch
  • Decor Dazzle
  • Magic Needle

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