Romeo, Connor, and their pets at the corner

The Genius and the Cat... Friends? is the 32nd episode of Season 27.


Romeo, as his daytime self, invites Connor to his mansion to celebrate a special event of sweets, and Connor's friends and their pets also come along. Then, Connor begins to question about his and Romeo's unlikely friendship, and him being an average kid, even as a PJ Mask and having magical powers, in the eyes of the other guests at the event doesn't help matters much for him, and he doesn't want to upset Romeo for that.


The episode begins at Connor’s house where in the kitchen, Connor’s father, Calvin, called for his son to come down for that he has mail. At the stairs, Connor slid on the railing and Lucky pounced down the stairs. When they arrived in the kitchen, Calvin gives Connor a fancy-looking envelope and told him that it came for him. Taking the envelope, Connor takes his dad and rushes back upstairs, with Lucky following behind him, to his room to see what was inside.

When he opened the envelope, Connor finds an invitation to a sweets party where pets are allowed to come too, hosted by... Romeo and his parents, Robert and Rebecca Undergear. Lucky licked his lips and finds the sweets party very fun when he thought about eating some sweets and suggests excitedly to Connor that they should go.

However, Connor had a frown on his face and was unsure that he and Lucky could go, since the party was hosted by a nighttime villain in his daytime self. Then, he suggests that they shouldn’t go as Lucky perked up and assured to Connor that a sweets party, even one hosted by a villain in his daytime self like Romeo, would be nice, sweet, and fun. Plus, he wants to go there and play with Romeo’s pet robot bird and crab while he tries some sweets.

Connor still doesn’t know about going as Lucky gave him pleading eyes and begged him that they should go, just when Connor’s iDisney on his desk rang. When he picked it up, Connor got some calls from his friends who told him that they got invitations to Romeo’s sweets party and says to him that they’re all going, then asked him if he’s going too. Finally, looking over at his black cat friend and letting out a sigh, Connor reluctantly decides that he and Lucky should go as he called for his father to drop them off to the Undergears’ mansion. But before he and Lucky could go, Connor brought his bracelet with his Key of Magic and the pieces of his friends’ favorite things with him.

Later, Calvin dropped off Connor and Lucky in front of the Undergears’ mansion’s front gates and told them with a smile to have fun and tells Connor to call him to pick him up when the party is over before driving back home. After Calvin left, Connor looked down at his invitation, then looked back up at the gates and took a deep breath before going over to the gates, which opened automatically for him and Lucky and Lucky joyfully skips while a less than joyful Connor followed him to the mansion’s colossol garden where the sweets party was being held. He was starting to think that maybe he should’ve stayed home, but he was only going to Romeo’s sweets party because his friends and their pets were there and he was doing this for Lucky’s happiness.

When Connor and Lucky arrived in the garden, their eyes went wide when they saw how many people in fancy clothes were in the party, enjoying sweets and talking and laughing with each other. Lucky is delighted to see so many sweets around the place, just when he and Connor heard their friends’ calling to them as Amaya and Greg ran up to Connor to tell him that they were glad to see that he and Lucky made it, and that the sweets in the Undergears’ sweets party are delicious!

With a nod and a half smile, Connor replied in an unenthusiastic tone that the sweets around here are amazing, but Greg could see that his friend didn’t look almost as happy as he and the others were. Looking concerned, Amaya asked Connor if he was okay but just as he was about to finish what he was saying, they turned to see Romeo and his parents, Robert and Rebecca, all dressed in fancy clothing behind them, and Romeo runs up to Connor to give him a tight hug, saying to him that he’s happy to see that he made it to his sweets party.

When he saw the clothing Romeo and his parents wore, Connor was afraid that he and his friends won’t fit in with the other guests since they all wore fine clothes just like them, but Romeo tells him with a smile that it’s okay and his parents agreed. Then, grabbing his hand, Romeo drags Connor to a table of choux creme and Lucky follows, licking his lips with excitement, then Amaya, Greg, and the others along with their pets went to try the other sweets.

At the choux creme table, Romeo showed Connor how to eat a choux creme the proper way and Lucky used his tail to follow what he was doing. Connor does so and as he inserted the piece of the choux creme into his mouth, his eyes went wide and found it very delicious as he continued eating it and Romeo stared at him with wide eyes. When Connor noticed, he apologized to Romeo for eating so fast because the choux creme was delicious, but he just chuckled lightly and says that it’s okay, then tells Connor that he’s a bit unusual, but he enjoys sweets as much as he does.

With a small smile, Connor thanks Romeo but hearing him say about him being unusual almost sounded like what the nighttime villain Romeo would say. And being called unusual kinda made Connor feel uncomfortable just as Romeo grabs him by the arm and pulls him to the next sweets table.

Then as the two and their pets were heading to the next table, Connor spots a big sweets shop called KIRAKIRA Patisserie and in front of it were six girls in cute patissière outfits standing onstage and giving everyone some animal-themed sweets.

Peering at the girls, Connor swore that he’d seen them before just as Romeo followed his stare at the six girls and decides that they should go to them and ask them if they can try their animal sweets. Romeo asked Connor and Lucky if they want to, but before Connor could say that he would rather try later, Lucky meowed happily that they would love to just as Connor shot him a slight glare and felt Romeo pull him that he had to run faster since he (Romeo) was running way more faster than him, because he was excited about the sweets party.

The girl named Ichika Usami noticed Romeo approaching and asked him if he would like some animal sweets as Romeo replies politely that he’s loved to, and he would also like a lion ice cream for him and a cat macaron for Connor. While Ichika went to the table to make the sweets, Connor lets out a sigh as Romeo turned to see that he didn’t look as happy as he was and he asked him what’s wrong as Connor replies with a forced smile that he’s okay but he thought about going into the mansion to the bathroom, just as Lucky asked him why before having his owner’s hand clap over his mouth to shut him up. Luckily, Romeo didn’t notice Lucky talking and he says that he’d be happy to lead Connor to where the bathroom in the mansion is while they waits for the sweets to be ready, and he’ll come back to get him when they’re ready. At that moment, one of Romeo’s butlers calls Romeo over to greet some guests, just before he could tell the butler that he was about to show Connor where the bathroom in the mansion is.

Connor assures Romeo he’ll be okay on finding the bathroom on his own and Romeo nods in understandment as he leaves to greet his guests. As Connor let’s out a sigh, he walks away and Lucky follows, but they didn’t know that Connor’s bracelet slipped off and fell to the ground.

When Romeo was gone, Connor suddenly felt all alone just when he felt one of the guests give him suspicious looks and starts to whisper to each other of why the son of the rich Undergears would invite such common people in their sweets party. Lucky slight glared at the guests.

As they were far away from Romeo and the other guests, Connor finds a quiet corner to sit on the steps, feeling dejected just as Lucky stops and says to his owner that he thought that he just wanted to go to the bathroom. But the truth is that Connor just needed a quiet place to think things through while he and Lucky were in the party. Meanwhile, Diable was hiding in the shadows spying on the sulking and sad-looking Connor.

As he settled in on the steps, Connor tells his worries to Lucky and starts to question everything about his and Romeo’s unlikely friendship. Sure they were friends only in the daytime, but in the nighttime, they were enemies. So, why was Romeo always being so nice to and only to Connor and being a good friend to him when they’re so different from each other and that he’s supposed to be mean and nasty to him like he always was at night?

Lucky couldn’t stand seeing his owner being so sad, even in the sweets party, so he decides to fetch some of Connor’s favorite sweets, macarons, to cheer him up as he was about to go back up to get them, when he runs into Romeo’s robot bird and robot crab.

Romeo finds Connor, and gave him a confused look as he told him that he thought that he (Connor) wanted to go to the bathroom. Looking down at the ground and feeling embarrassed, Connor said that he was but then thought about finding a place to just relax a bit, which was kinda bit of a lie, Lucky could tell. Connor then gave Romeo a half smile, and lucky for him, Romeo didn’t notice as he sent him another one of his friendly smiles.

Then, Romeo remembered something as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a clear plastic bag with a purple cat macaron inside and gives it to Connor, who thanks him for it and takes it. But looking down at it didn’t cheer Connor up also and he puts it in his pocket to eat later as Romeo noticed him sulking and he asked him what was wrong. Looking up to Romeo, Connor snaps out of his sorrow and says that he’s fine, but was thinking about leaving.

Before Romeo could finish asking why and that he just got here in the sweets party, Connor was about to make his leave when he noticed his bare wrist and discovered that his bracelet is missing! With a determined look, Romeo walks up to Connor, saying that they’ll find it together as he grabbed his hand and dragged him back up to the party to search for it, their pets following behind. Connor tried to tell Romeo that he and Lucky can find it alone, but Romeo doesn’t want to hear it, and neither did his robot pets.

Later, when the boys and the pets were back, they searched and searched all over the grounds for the bracelet, but no luck. Then, while Romeo and his robot crab and robot bird were looking over and under the table, Connor says to Romeo that he appreciates his help for finding his bracelet, but he didn’t have to do it for him.

Coming out from under the table, Romeo gets up to his feet and tells Connor that the bracelet means a lot to him, and Connor agrees with a nod. But before Connor could finish his sentence, Romeo kept talking as he says that anything important to Connor is important to him too. So he’s not going to give up until they find the bracelet. Feeling himself smile, Connor thanks Romeo and suggests that they should retrace their steps, which Romeo says that that’s a good idea.

They went to the choux creme table first, then back at the KIRAKIRA Patisserie table, but the bracelet was still nowhere to be found. Then while they were still scanning the area, the blonde haired girl named Ciel Kirahoshi noticed and asked the boys if they were looking for something as Romeo nods and says that they are and Connor explains that they are looking for a bracelet with silver sparkles, four stones glued on it with sticky tree sap, and a blue key hanging from it.

Ciel nods and then putting her hand into her pocket, she pulls out something like a bracelet with a blue key and shows it to Romeo and Connor, then asked if it's the bracelet they're looking for. With his eyes wide with happiness and relief, Connor takes the bracelet from Ciel, puts it back on his wrist and thanks her as he receives a smile from her. Then Connor turns to Romeo to thank him and his pets for helping him and Lucky find it as Romeo slightly blushes and says that they're welcome. After they found Connor's bracelet, the boys and their pets were back down the corner to enjoy their sweets together while they talked, and Romeo was amazed about how Connor’s ancestors are the Princess of Gentlehaven and the Maruvian wizard, and also having to carry both their magic in his family’s blood. Chuckling, Connor explains that he didn’t know that magic ran in his family until he and Lucky had to go on a journey to save the Disney Princesses’ kingdoms from an evil spell of an evil princess named Zara, and also helping the ghost of his ancestor save the Jewel of Maru from Victor and Carla.

Then as they talked, Connor felt himself feeling dejected again and this time, Romeo notices as he asked him why he’d been acting so sad earlier when he should be enjoying the party.

Sighing softly, Connor explains about wondering about their unlikely friendship, then he asks Romeo why he’s always so nice to him and only to him, then asks him why he said to him that he's unusual when they were at the choux creme table and tells him that he heard the other guests say that he is unusual too, making him think that maybe everyone in the party, and even Romeo, must think that he's a weird boy.

Romeo had no idea that what he said had hurt Connor's feelings as he felt guilty and apologized to him for saying that when he should've watched his words. He just said that because he really liked those sweets and he eats them in his own way, which Romeo finds very interesting. Smiling a bit, Connor thanks Romeo and replies that he likes the way he eats sweets too, and guesses that they both eat them in different ways. Romeo agrees, and an awkward silence comes between them as they continued eating their sweets.

After staring up into space for a few seconds, Connor turns to Romeo and asks him if he wants to get some swan cream puffs. Romeo nods and says that he was thinking the same thing. Two minds think alike, said Connor, as the two laughed together and walked up the steps, their pets following and Lucky was glad that his owner was finally happy. But just when they reached the top of the stairs, the boys stopped laughing when they turned to see purple fog all over the place and Romeo was shocked and in horror as he asked Connor where the fog came from, then they noticed that everyone, except for the Disney Junior Club and the KiraPati girls and their friends, were fighting with each other. Romeo even saw his parents arguing with another guest that he decides to go over and ask them if everything is okay, but they ignored their son’s question as they told him not now and and continued arguing with the guest.

As Romeo went to join Connor by his side, all this fog and squabbling was starting to freak him out just as the Disney Junior Club ran over to them to see that their okay, much to their relief, but they needed to convince everyone to calm down, which might not be easy. So going up to the stage, Romeo spoke into the mic to tell everyone to relax but all the guests glared at him, then starts to bring up all Romeo’s shortcomings as a proper young gentleman. Connor bursts out that it wasn't Romeo’s fault and steps onto the stage to apologize as well. He ends up listing all of the qualities that to him make Romeo a really cool and villainous genius. Both Romeo and Connor himself are taken aback and a little embarrassed at Connor’s vehemence.

Diable, in a Cerberus form, now attacks in earnest, and Connor takes Romeo to hide behind a cake table before using his Key of Magic to transform into Jaquin Boy while the others guide the guests to safety. However, the KiraPati girls weren’t around that Jaquin Boy guessed that they must be hiding. Jaquin Boy and Kwazii used their powers to stop Diable and together they succeed in freezing Diable, but he breaks free again. Romeo found the chance to run to the mansion, but then turns to see his pets were in danger so he runs over to save them, only to be encircled by Diable’s tail and then get caught. Jaquin sees this and tries to save Romeo, but Diable threatens Jaquin Boy, then squeezes Romeo when he tries to save him. Jaquin Boy tries to attack Diable, but he blasts him with the surge of dark energy from the mouth of his third head. He tries to get back up and Diable knocks him down again. Jaquin Boy refuses to give up and Diable asks why Romeo is worth risking him life for when they are so different and are enemies at night. Jaquin Boy then explains what he finds so great about Romeo, and also adds that even though they’re different and are enemies at night, they have something they have in common: they are both unusual and love sweets, even though they eat them in different ways, they enjoy them the same way.

Just then, the Cures appeared out of nowhere and attacked Diable, who then lets go of Romeo and Jaquin Boy flew up and caught him in his arms. Romeo thanks him for that as Jaquin Boy went to help the Cures fight off Diable, then after he was weakened, the Cures used Animal Go Round! together to finish him off. Diable promises he will be back though.

Afterwards, everything was back to normal and the host apologize to Romeo and Connor as the sweets party resumes. As they enjoyed their sweets, Connor and Romeo are seen sitting together as they talked and laughed while their pets played together. Amaya and Greg watched them, and Greg says that those two may be different, but they are both like choux creme, full of passion about the things they love, and they share some things that they have in common, ending the episode.


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