Miles, Connor, and Cassie are trapped in the Mistress’ fog!

Oh no! The fog is here!

The Music of Bremen is the 4th episode of Season 23.


Connor and Cassie are chosen to play their instruments with two other musicians at the town of Bremen, which is holding a festival, only to find out that they are protecting the town with their music from an evil fog made by the Mistress of the Fog!


The episode begins at Connor's house where Cassie is playing her star violin and Connor was playing his flute while their friends, Miles Callisto, Amaya, and Greg were listening and lost in the music. After Cassie and Connor were done, Amaya says to them that their music sounded beautiful and Miles agrees as he said that they should play in a band someday. Connor thanks his friends and Cassie blushes (Wishling style) at that compliment, when Connor's mom called for her son to come downstairs because something came in from the mail for him. When Connor, Cassie, Miles, Amaya, and Greg went downstairs, Carmen gave Connor an envelope that looked a bit ancient and it was from the town of... Bremen! Then, breaking the wax seal and opening the letter, Connor takes out a note that says that he and Cassie are invited to play their instruments in Bremen's musical festival and there was also a flyer! As she looked at the note, Cassie wonders how they knew about Connor playing the flute and her playing the violin as Amaya says who cares, but what they do care is that Connor and Cassie are going to play at Bremen's music festival, and they were excited for them, although Cassie wasn't thrilled to play in front of so many people. Miles noticed her nervousness and says to her comfortably that she'll be okay in Bremen, she just needs to remember that Connor is on her side and that she is not alone. As Cassie heard Miles say that, she felt better and happy that Miles is at her side, even though she might leave him for the festival. Just then, Connor's dad, Calvin, appears from the living room to hear what was going on just as he saw the envelope and the letter and the flyer in his son's hands and he asked him what's up. With a smile, Connor shows his father what he had and explains to him that he and Cassie are going to Bremen to play their flute and violin at the music festival. Although Connor was excited to go, he could see that his dad looked concerned as he said to his wife that Connor can't go to the festival to play his flute because he's just a kid. However, Carmen tells Calvin that even though Connor is a kid, he thinks big and he already proved to them that he's a hero and all grown up after saving Disney Junior Island from an eternal winter made by the Disney villains. After thinking about it and looking into Connor's pleading puppy eyes, Calvin decides that maybe he (Connor) should go to Bremen with Cassie, only if he brings a friend with them or two. Connor jumps for joy as he turns to Amaya and Greg with an excited smile, and asks them if they wanna go with him and Cassie to Bremen. Amaya and Greg said that they'd love to come along, but sadly, Amaya says that she's going to see an opera with her aunt, Matilda, and Greg and his family are going to the aquarium. Finally, Miles, with his cheeks flushing, speaks up and says that he and his family don't have anything planned tomorrow, so he can come along. Cassie, Amaya, Greg, and Connor agreed to that, and Cassie was mostly happy that he'll be coming along. But half-smiling, Calvin asks Connor how he, Miles, and Cassie will be going to Bremen as Connor looked into the envelope and finds three train tickets inside it! It looks like the three friends will be going to Bremen tomorrow after all!

The next morning, Cassie had already arrived from Starling Academy to meet Miles and Connor outside his house as she saw him with his traveling backpack and his flute in his right hand. Cassie even brought her backpack and her star violin. Then, as the three kids went inside the car, Calvin drove them to the train station where a train will be taking them to Bremen. As they arrived at the Disney Junior Town Train Station, Connor hugs his father goodbye as he, Miles, and Cassie went to the train station to give their tickets away and get onto the train. Finally, as they went on board, the train was all set and heading towards Bremen. Hours later, the train finally arrives at Bremen, and only Connor, Cassie, and Miles went out as Miles and Connor were excited to start a new adventure in the town. However, they only found the whole town completely empty as they wondered where everyone was and Miles wonders if they came too early or too late. Cassie thinks that they might've come too early, much to her relief, so while the three friends waited, Connor and Cassie played their flute and violin, and Miles listened. But just as he was about to get lost in the music, Miles saw some purple fog coming towards their direction! Suddenly, it seemed to stop where it stood when it heard Connor and Cassie's music, just when they stopped and saw the fog and it was moving again, and seconds later, they realized that the fog wasn't just normal fog when they heard it say "OBEY ME!" and saw it coming towards them! Quickly, they got off the fountain and ran and hid in the alleyway before it caught them.

After they escaped the purple fog, Miles heard the sound of breaking crates and a donkey braying. Cassie and Connor noticed it too as they decided to follow whoever made those noises while holding onto their instruments. The alleyway was dark, however, so Connor used his Maruvian glowing magic, and Cassie used her star power to light up the way. The trio walked into the darkness to find the strange person just when they heard the donkey braying sound again, and it was coming from the other side. So Miles, Cassie, and Connor followed the sound just to stop on their tracks and to their shock, they found a donkey humanoid with purple glowing eyes and purple smoke coming out of them! Walking up to him slowly, Connor asked the donkey man if he was okay but he almost got hit by it's hooves. Until, when the donkey man calmed down, he apologized to Connor for almost hitting him and introduces himself as Brandon as he asks Connor and Cassie if they were the musicians chosen to play in the festival. To prove to him that they were, Connor and Cassie pulled out their flute and violin then said that they were. Brandon gave them an apologetic smile and says to them that he couldn't control himself because the fog was controlling him and the reason why he turned into a donkey-like man was because he touched the donkey doll that he got for a gift. When Miles, Connor, and Cassie exchanged confused looks with each other and Miles asked what donkey doll and why the fog would control him, Brandon explains the whole story to them. Everyone was getting the festival ready, and the two musicians, which were a man playing the drum, and him (Brandon) who is a contrabass player, arrived in Bremen when a mysterious man gave them two different dolls which were cursed: a rooster doll, and a donkey doll. But when Brandon and his new friend touched them, they slowly started turning into a rooster humanoid and a donkey humanoid, then the fog came and the curse became stronger as the two were being controlled by it. Although the story was hard to believe, the three kids listened and decided that they should do something and help find a way to get rid of the fog and lift the curse. Bending down to Brandon, Cassie tells him to not worry as he thanked them but also warned them to be careful, because the man might still be around Bremen looking for the two musicians to give the cat and dog dolls to, plus they must be careful to not let the fog touch them, because it might control them and that was the reason why everyone disappeared. All of them nodded with determination, even though Cassie was a little shaky about the fog.

Just then, Brandon was lost control of himself again as he told the trio to go and run, save the town, and stop the curse quickly, and the voice inside his head commanded him to attack Connor, Miles, and Cassie. Fast as their feet could take them, the trio ran away from the donkey Brandon and as they were out of reach, they breathed heavily, knowing that they were safe. But just when they thought they were safe, they spotted the fog coming from where they were waiting for the festival to begin. Cassie, Connor, and Miles tried to run to the right but it was also covered in fog, too! There was nowhere for them to escape! Or so they thought when Miles looked down at the river and tells Connor and Cassie to jump. When Cassie asked why, Connor's face turned pale when he understood what Miles meant and saw the river below them. They have to escape the fog by swimming, but Connor hated swimming! Shooting Connor a glare, Miles snaps at him "what other choice do we have?" as the fog was almost getting near the trio. Finally, Connor says that they don't have one as all three of them jumped and splashed into the river. Lucky for Connor, he could breath underwater thanks to his mother being the descendant of the Princess of Gentlehaven, who can also breath underwater with magic, but as he turned to Cassie and Miles, he saw that they can't breathe, so he quickly saved them and took them up to the surface as they swam to a nearby tunnel.

Inside the tunnel, Cassie, Miles, and Connor swam to a sidewalk and got up from the water, coughing and letting the air dry them. Connor pulled out his flute and blew a goldfish out of it and back into the water while Cassie checked to see if her strings were okay from being soaked in the water. Luckily, they were okay as she puts her violin away. When Miles asked where they are, Connor says that he doesn't know but thinks that maybe the tunnel will lead him and his friends away from the fog and up to a safer place in the town without it to find someone to help them. Making himself glow again, Connor lead Cassie and Miles into a deeper and darker part of the tunnel. They felt like they were walking for hours, until they reached a hidden lair filled with torches, statues, and other treasures. They've decided to explore the place to find some items that will help them, something like a potion, or an elixir, or maybe a magic wand? All this searching was tiring Connor and Cassie out, so they decided that maybe playing their music would help them soothe their minds after swimming in the tunnel as they pulled out the flute and the violin, and then started playing them. While on the other side of the lair, Miles was still searching and he only found a piece of an amulet, when something purple caught his eye! It was the fog, and it was coming towards him! However, when Miles heard Connor and Cassie playing their instruments again, he turned back to the fog which was suddenly disappearing and clearing the stairs to the town. Miles begins to wonder if Connor and Cassie's music might be the cause of the fog retreating. After they finished playing, Connor and Cassie followed Miles up the stairs and into the town where they entered an empty house with an opened door that had broken. Inside, they found books, papers, and articles scattered around the floor, thinking that maybe they can find clues to stopping the fog and lifting the curse.

While they were searching, Cassie finds an old book with four crests that held a violin, a flute, a contrabass, and a drum, and she calls the boys over to come and take a look as she opened it to read the histories of Bremen. They then land in a page called ”The Dark Times” where the story was about Bremen falling under the spell of the Mistress’ fog and obeying it’s every command, that is, until when it reached the town square where a quartet was playing, the fog somehow stopped! Then, after reading the whole story, Miles knew that Connor and Cassie playing their instruments really was the source of stopping the fog as Cassie asked if it might lift the curse and stop the fog. Connor guessed that it might be the only way, but two musicians might not be enough. They needed the other two musicians: like Brandon, and also the other musician who touched the rooster doll. Just then, the three kids heard the sound of falling books and turned to see a rooster humanoid-shaped shadow, and think that that might be him! They followed the rooster man until they cornered him in the bedroom as the rooster man stammered to not look at him because he was hideous and Miles tells him calmly that it's okay, and that they are here to help. Then, he told him that Brandon told him and his friends about the rooster doll he (the rooster man) touched and cursed him. With a shaky nod, the rooster man, known as Rookery, said yes and told Connor, Cassie, and Miles about the man who gave it to him. Then, as he was calming down, Cassie tells him about the musical melody he, she, Connor, and Brandon are going to play that will get rid of the fog, and also asks him how they will destroy the curse. Rookery took a deep, steady breath as he explains that the only way to remove the curse from him and Brandon is to use a magical amulet that he found and use it on the dolls, then give them to him and Brandon to change them back to normal and free them from the Mistress's commands, but they'll need a special glove to hold the dolls in. Unfortunately, he only found two pieces just as Miles remembered the last amulet piece he found in the lair and Rookery lets out a sigh of relief as he gave the two pieces to him to put the amulet together, and the glove he found. Now all they need to do is find those dolls and get rid of the curses on them, as Miles puts the glove on his hand. Suddenly, a loud braying sound came behind them and Brandon, still in his donkey humanoid form, appeared, looking enraged as he charged towards Connor, Cassie, Miles, and Rookery. Brandon grabbed Rookery and carried him away as Connor, Cassie, and Miles quickly got out of the house to follow them, but before they could, they were already gone. Now what do they do?

Suddenly, the same fog appeared from the other side and surrounded the kids. Miles had to cover his ears to not listen to the Mistress's voice and Connor and Cassie quickly took out their instruments to play the melody again. To Miles' relief, the fog retreated from the music Cassie and Connor played and they cleared a path to the town's shopping district. As they walked into the shopping district, Connor swore that he heard the sound of a donkey braying as he and his friends turned to see a donkey doll, and to their surprise, it was alive! The donkey doll was getting away so they had to follow it. Luckily, Miles spotted a net nearby and grabbed it on his way so they can use it to catch the donkey doll. At last, he, Connor, and Cassie caught it and Miles carefully lifted it out of the net with his gloved hand while Cassie used the amulet to remove the curse from it. Thankfully, the curse was removed and just in time, because the fog, and Brandon who was now under the Mistress's command again, and he was heading straight towards the kids! Quickly, Cassie held out the cured donkey doll to his face and in seconds, he was transforming back into his own human self. After he changed back, Brandon asked what happened until he realized that Connor, Cassie, and Miles lifted the curse from him and thanked them for saving him. Then after getting up on his feet, Brandon told them that the Mistress’ fog was coming from a tower outside of Bremen, but without the voice in his head, he doesn’t know where the tower is, so the kids will have to find a map and take a hot air balloon to get to the tower. But first, Brandon will need a contrabass to play the melody and clear the fog. Luckily, Connor remembered seeing a contrabass case in the closet and goes back inside the house, hoping that the case has a contrabass inside. It did when Connor opened it and used his levitation power to give it to Brandon, and soon he played the melody as the fog retreats again and the three kids headed to the main square of town. They find a hot air balloon, and just before they could get on, they’ll have to find a map that will lead them to the tower of the Mistress of the fog. Connor, Cassie, and Miles went down the court, only to find an archive that said something about banishing a young girl into a tower for being different, and Cassie found that awful.

As Miles turns to the last page, they found the map that they need, and also the sheet of the ancient melody. Now, they were ready to go as Cassie used her star power to power up the hot air balloon and it went high up and out of Bremen! The hot air balloon carried the three friends over some big trees, empty houses, and some old cemeteries as they caught the smell of death which made them shiver until Miles caught the sight of the Mistress’ tower when he pulled out the binoculars and looked at it through them. But just as the hot air balloon was getting nearer, a flock of ravens appeared and attacked Connor, Cassie, and Miles as they tried to swat them away and Connor used a sword to defend himself and his friends, only to accidentally cut the ropes and send the hot air balloon hurling down to the swamps, and soon, all three kids screamed as they were holding on for their dear lives and falling through the trees and into the water of the swamp! After the harsh landing, Connor, Cassie, and Miles groggily woke up and got up to their feet shakily. Luckily, none of them were hurt and Connor’s flute and Cassie’s star violin have survived too, and what’s even better is that they’ve arrived at the tower, but the only problem is that the tower is surrounded by deep water, and they could drown in it if they took even one single step.

Suddenly, the cursed rooster doll appeared and flew off to the tower. It had been in the hot air balloon basket the whole time! Now how will the friends catch it and remove the curse? Then, Connor comes up with an idea of using floating bags from the hot air balloon and Miles and Cassie helped him put them in the water. The bags floated and now it was safe for them to cross as they carefully stepped on the bags, and were almost to safety. Although, Cassie was becoming wobbly and almost fell into the water when Miles saved her and Connor grabbed his hand and pulled him and Cassie onto land, until they finally made it as they stared at the tower with the Mistress’ fog coming out of the window on the top. Just then, the rooster doll appeared and landed on a rock to rest, only to see the three kids coming towards it and it flew away before either of them could catch it! Then, Rookery still in his rooster form and under the Mistress’ control, appeared and was about to attack when Connor stopped him and shouts to Miles and Cassie to hurry and find the rooster doll and remove it’s curse. He didn’t know how long he’ll keep Rookery busy as they went to the forest to find it. It didn’t take long for Cassie and Miles to find the rooster doll, and lucky for them, it was cornered. They now have the best chance to capture it as Miles grabbed it with his gloved hand and gently picked it up as Cassie got the amulet ready. Finally, as she held the amulet up to the rooster doll, it‘s curse was removed and it also became a regular doll.

When Miles and Cassie got back, they saw an exhausted Connor still fighting Rookery with his family magic. Then just before Connor was done for, Cassie bravely threw the rooster doll to him, Connor held up the doll at Rookery’s face, and it changed him back into a human again just like the cured donkey dolled changed Brandon back to normal. Rookery shook the haze out of his head and thanked the three friends for saving him, then told them about the man with both the cat and dog dolls heading to the ruins. He might be waiting for them, and he could be setting a trap for them, so they'll have to be careful when they get to the ruins. However, they have no idea where the castle ruins was until Rookery suggests that they can climb up the tower to take a better view from above as he points up to the tower. But first, he'll need a drum to play the melody that will get rid of the fog coming out of the window as Cassie remembered seeing an old drum at the cemetery so she goes back to get it fixed and bring it back to Rookery. After taking the drum from Cassie, Rookery thanks her and starts ra-tat-tatting on the drum with his drumsticks, which played the melody that drove the Mistress' fog away. While Rookery was drumming away, Connor used his levitation power to levitate himself, Cassie, and Miles up into the tower just to find a lot of books, raven feathers scattered all over the floor, and sitting on a throne was a skeletal body with long white hair that seemed to have grown very long a long time ago before her death. Just then, the fog returns and it formed the ghostly body of a woman. It was the Mistress of Fog and she was going to attack the three friends, until Connor played his flute and Cassie played her star violin, and as the Mistress heard the melody, she stopped where she stood and covered her ears, then retreated!

After she was gone, Connor, Cassie, and Miles looked over the window just to see the castle ruins right next to the waterfall. Since the hot air balloon broke in the fall, it looks like Connor, Cassie, and Miles will have to get there on foot as Connor used his levitation power again to levitate himself and his friends out of the tower and on the ground, then made their way to the castle ruins, not knowing that someone had climbed up into the tower and took the dead body with him back to the ruins. A few hours later, Connor, Cassie, and Miles were exhausted but they've finally made it to the castle ruins as they stood in front of the closed doors and wondered what waits for them inside. There was only one way to find out as Miles and Connor pushed open the doors, and Cassie went in first before the boys, who went by her sides as Miles asked who was there behind those curtains when he and his friends arrived at the throne room. As Miles asked that question, the curtains parted to reveal the man with both the cat and dog dolls and also the long-haired skeleton that was sitting on a throne, along with three other skeletons sitting on other thrones! Connor pointed an accusing finger at the man and shouted "YOU!" just as the man turned to stare at him with an evil glare, and before Connor could even cast him family magic on him, the hair from the long-haired skeleton grabbed him by the arm, then wrapped itself around his body, then Cassie's and Miles'.

As they were tangled up in the undead hair and struggling to break free from it, Miles asked the man what was the meaning of this. The man, named Waldemar, snatched the magical amulet from Cassie's neck, threw it on the ground, and finally crushed it into three pieces with his foot much to Cassie's shock and dismay, as Waldemar explains everything to her, Connor, and Miles. Everything was going according to plan. The two musicians, Brandon and Rookery, were cursed and could not play the melody. But then, Brandon came and took the dolls, except the cat and dog ones. Then Connor, Cassie, and Miles came and destroyed the donkey doll and the rooster doll, that's when everything went wrong. But now that the two other musicians and their friend were here in the castle ruins, he can give both Connor and Cassie the cat and the dog dolls and turn them into monsters. Connor was the first to be released by the hair and was given the cat doll, which starts transforming him into a cat humanoid when he touched it, and Waldemar was about to give Cassie the dog doll when Miles broke free of the hair's grip and saved her life by sacrificing himself to be given the dog doll, which turned him into a savage dog humanoid! Quickly, Cassie took the glove, the amulet pieces, and Connor's flute, looking scared at her friends new scary looks as they cornered her. How can she save them now?

Suddenly, Brandon and Rookery came to the rescue as they told Waldemar that it's all over and to give up now! But Waldemar had plans just as the ghost of his sister, who was named Rapunzel, rose from her dead body and commands everyone to obey her, and when this is all over, they will become her new family. Then, her magical hair grabbed Rookery and Brandon, but Cassie managed to escape the grip this time. Brandon and Rookery called for her help as she looked up at the hair keeping hold of them, and then looked back at her transformed friends who were under the Mistress' control. Cassie felt shaky all over and she felt alone, having to handle this all by herself, just when Miles' words about her not being alone echoed in her head. That encouraged her to stand up and help her fix the broken amulet, before using it again to break the curses on the cat and dog dolls. Using her star power, Cassie teleported herself in front of both the cat and dog dolls, grabbed them, then teleported herself back on her spot so she could use the amulet to break the curse on both of the dolls. Finally, after using the amulet's magic, the curses were broken just as dog Miles and cat Connor came rushing towards her and ready to attack her just as Cassie held up the dolls to their faces, and instantly, both Connor and Miles were human again.

After they were back, Miles asked what happened as Cassie tells him that she'll explain later, because right now, they need to save Rookery and Brandon they, she, and Connor could play the melody to soothe Rapunzel's spirit. Something glistening caught Connor's eye as he saw a sword and went over to retrieve it, then used it to cut the magic hair off of Rookery and Brandon's bodies, which freed them. Luckily, they brought their instruments along with them, but they'll need the notes to play the melody. Waldemar tried to stop them, but Brandon knocked him out with a big punch on the face! Cassie quickly took out the melody sheets and gave them to Miles who held them up, then she gave Connor his flute, and after taking her star violin out, she, Connor, Brandon, and Rookery started playing the melody as Rapunzel's spirit was suddenly calming down. Later, after her spirit was in peace, everyone cheered and Bremen was saved! Now it was time for the festival to begin!

Back at the town square, Connor, Cassie, Brandon, and Rookery were onstage playing the ancient melody and the crowd cheered, clapped, and applauded after the song was finished. Connor and Cassie, along with Brandon and Rookery, bowed down to thank the audience, then Cassie smiled down at Miles to thank him, which made him blush with appreciation. After the concert, Miles, Connor, and Cassie enjoyed the rest of the festival with their new friends, as the air was filled with laughter, lights, sweet smelling scents of food, and joy. Cassie was glad to have come to Bremen with her two friends, and hoped that next year when they come back, a new adventure might just be waiting for them, ending the episode.


  • This episode is an inspiration of the computer game, Living Legends: Beasts of Bremen.


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